If ‘bending’ is all Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus rivals have left, they’re roadkill

“I cannot believe that this ‘bent iPhone 6 Plus’ thing is becoming a thing,” John Gruber writes for Daring Fireball. “Watch this jackass’s video — inexplicably promoted by TIME magazine.”

“Should not we be amazed that his phone didn’t snap in half under this pressure?” Gruber asks. “That the glass didn’t fracture? Under pressure like this, bending but not breaking seems like an extraordinary feature.”

Brief article in full here.

“Now, it’s bent iPhones,” Kirk McElhearn writes for Kirkville. “Because someone didn’t realize that, when you sit on something, there’s this thing called physics that says that, when there’s enough pressure on something, it will either bend or break.”

“And, now, lots of websites are showing videos of them bending iPhones,” McElhearn writes. “As if it’s worth the cost of on iPhone to get a bunch of mindless people to watch a video of an iPhone getting bent.”

Read more in the full article here.

“Any phone made of metal is still subject to the laws of physics, but to reiterate that this isn’t exactly a problem exclusive to the iPhone 6, here’s a look at other Android and Apple phones that have bending problems,” Buster Hein reports for Cult of Mac. “Samsung’s phones are dominated by plastic, but it’s new metal-friendly Galaxy S4 devices are prone to bending in pockets too. XDA forum user Phonage reports his Galaxy S4 bent when he put it in his front jeans pocket.”

“Many Sony Xperia Z1 users reported their metal frame mysteriously bent for no reason at all after being left in rear pockets,” Hein reports. “One unfortunate CrackBerry user posted pics of his Q10 that never fell but is bent. ‘I’ve no clue what happened .. I’m so pissed.’ Other BlackBerry owners in the forum thread reported seeing similar bendings.”

Hein reports, “The HTC EVO 4G LTE is particularly susceptible to bending and breaking if you sit on it while docked in a cup holder.”


Read more and see all of the bent phones in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Here’s the recipe for iPhone FUD:

1. Identify an issue that all other smartphones have (i.e. cellular antenna attenuation, screens that can be scratched with materials that are harder than the screen, metal casing that can be scratched with materials that are harder than the metal casing, phishing easily-guessed passwords from people who fail to utilize two-factor and other provided protections to obtain photos taken with smartphones from online storage, metal cases that bend under extreme force, etc.) or concoct an issue which has no factual basis at all (i.e. iPhone 5c, which outsold all other non-iPhones on the planet, is a “failure.”)

2. Important: Pretend that issue is only attributable to Apple’s iPhone. Feign “concern.”

3. Make goofy videos using iPhone only to illustrate this issue that all other smartphones have. Continue to feign “concern.”

4. Blow said issue wildly out of proportion via the media echo chamber with much wringing of hands.

5. After Apple’s iPhone destroys you in premium smartphone sales, wonder why your iPhone FUD failed yet again.

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  1. Posted this early this morning elsewhere in reply to Android troll on bending:


    put a PLASTIC galaxy under the same pressure and it won’t just bend , it’ll break into pieces.

    broke, cracked android phones are common


    “Yesterday morning the display on my Samsung Galaxy S4 cracked while it was in either the front pocket or cargo pocket of a loose-fitting pair of cargo shorts…. This phone seems very fragile.”


    ATT website:

    “Galaxy S3 glass Cracked – no drop – in pocket 4 hours after purchase!
    The glass has a small crack that is starting to spider. I just bought this phone! Was told that becuase of physical damage, it cannot be exchanged. I’ve read numerous reports of galaxy s III cracked screens without drops. Isn’t this a manufacturing defect”


    Warning on Gs4
    (S4) Then on thursday, for seemingly no reason, the amoled screen broke. I was texting a friend, put the phone in my pocket, received a message, pulled the phone out of my pocket, and suddenly the amoled was cracked”

    SquareTest Warranty Test on Smartphones

    iP5 most durable vs Samsugn Phones:
    “SquareTrade posted a YouTube video on Monday showing three of the 10 tests it conducted multiple times on all three devices. With those results, it tabulated a new breakability rating for the GS4 of 7 out of 10, with 10 as the highest risk of breaking. The S3 was the next most breakable with a 6.5 and the iPhone 5 the least most breakable of the three, with a score of 5.”

    TMobile Website:
    Galaxy s4 screen Cracked in Jeans Front Pocket.
    I put my phone in my front pocket and sat down, like a have a million times before with other phones (and even this phone). I went to use my phone and blammo! the screen was cracked! It was useless, a flickering chunk of plastic.

    I called T-Mobile. I need to file a claim. I filed the claim and there is a $175 deductable. Wow!”


  2. My scratch-resistant, coated, expensive eyeglasses are unusable since I dropped and then stepped on them. For the money I paid, I should be allowed to be a klutz. Next time I’ll pay half for a pair from Walmart’s.

  3. I think my favorite part about apple product launches are the flame wars. And apple fans undying need to put their phone on this ivory pedastal of greatness.
    When I was waiting in line to buy my iPhone 4 the morning it launched I started talking about the antenna issues that had surfaced the day prior. The other people in line had a classic apple fan respond: omg! Its all a lie! Apple would never do that! You’re an idiot for believing the internet! The iPhone 4 is the best! Apple would never release a product with that problem.
    Meanwhile these people had not even held an iPhone 4 yet they were blindly willing to follow it as the second coming of Christ. Granted I bought the phone anyway knowing about the antenna issue.
    Next point: saying that other phones bend is not justification of the poor mechanical design of the iPhone 6. I should not have to worry about my phone permenanlty deforming from keeping it in my pocket. My cheap plastic galaxy s4 certainly flexes under loads similar to what it takes to bend an iPhone. But sure enough my cheap plastic galaxy snaps right back to the original shape. Proper mechanical design of a phone is a wonderful thing. Designing a phone to be thin with complete disregard for structural integrity is embarrassing. And justifying that it’s OK by saying there are other phones with the same problem is pathetic. Have fun with your bent phones.

    1. I’ve never ever heard about APPLE fans lining up at Android/Samsung/etc launches (heck, NOBODY lines up for those things, anyway!), getting into arguments with them, and then . . . actually picking up a “cheap plastic” Android/Samsung/etc.

      1. Yes clearly that was the take away you jackass. I lined up because my previous 3 phones were all Iphone. IPhone 4 was my last. I lined up because I too was excited to get it.
        Also who lines up for phone launches anymore anyway? Buy online and it’ll show up 9 am of launch day anyway.
        When you want to actually respond to my comment like an adult let me know. In the mean time keep that phone out of your pocket.

      1. Uh oh did I make a valid argument that you have no proper response to? Still trying to justify why almighty apple would put out a phone with poor mechanical design?
        Hey bent or not, at the end of the day it still has an apple on the back. At least that’s something.

        1. Response to actual comment:

          Dear Todd,
          My observation is that most Apple fans do not throw the first punch. They do, however, feel compelled to stand up and respond to stupid, trumped up, or unfair negative comments …that _some_ people seem so compelled to lob at the Apple camp.

          As I once explained to my daughter, as I calmly replaced her MBP screen that she damaged in college (I made her help, and she was in tears as I methodically tore down the device): “this computer is made of sophisticated and sensitive electronics. It must be treated with care or it will break.” Since that lesson, she has taken fabulous care of her electronics stuff.

          This stuff is made of sophisticated and sensitive electronics. They are not guaranteed against abuse. Need more be said?

          1. I think that is an extremely valid point. Electronics are extremely complex and delicate. That said certain design precautions should be taken to avoid structural design issues. A good design should anticipate the normal use of a product and design in factors of safety to prevent part failure. People are abusive of electronics. Phones get dropped. They should be robust. I don’t think carrying a phone in your pocket is beyond the operating specs of the hardware.
            Go pick one up in a store. People are down playing the bending ad taking tremendous force. It takes surprisingly little to bend the phone. One look at the casing and you can tell they sacrificed structural integrity to make the device thin. There is a blatant weak point at the vokume buttons. Some android phones apparently have the same design flaw. Denying that it is a design flaw is putting your apple (or android) blinders on.

            1. Todd, Among over TEN MILLION iPhone 6 models sold, there have been fewer than 20 that have been accidentally bent. Fewer than 20. . . Apple reports just nine. That is an infinitesimal number for you to have your panties in a wad over. It is, in fact, a remarkable number to even be reported in the news. Can you tell me how much you are being paid to trumpet it so loudly? If we use 10 as the working number, that’s 0.0001% of the number sold. Do you know that Samsung experienced an almost 16% return on its original Galaxy Tab devices?

    2. You do realize that Apple sold millions of those iPhone 4 models without changing a damn thing about the antenna in the rest of the world, don’t you? Not ONE DAMN THING WAS SAID ABOUT ANTENNA PROBLEMS IN THE REST OF THE WORLD! Nothing, Nada, Nil, Zip! In fact, Apple is still selling iPhone 4 in third world countries as an entry level phone. . . and no antenna problems are being evinced. Why? Because there never were any antenna problems. The iPhone 4 had some of the best reception and transmission abilities of any phone ever made. It was a concerted FUD advertising blitz organized by Google and Samsung. . . combined with network problems on AT&T being overwhelmed in urban areas with a sudden influx of large numbers of new users on their network. Independent laboratory tests, not the amateurish tests done by Consumer’s Reports, who had never done radio transmission or reception tests of cellular phones before (and used the iPhone’s own bar meter as a signal strength meter) showed the iPhone had excellent reception and transmission qualities. Steve’s joke about “don’t hold it that way” didn’t help.

      It was demonstrated that ALL cellular phones had equal if not worst attenuation if the antenna was shielded by the user’s hand.

  4. “Android. The right phone for you if you:
    1) Like to keep it in your back pocket and then sit on it (when it rings, you just fart in reply).
    2) Like to answer calls while deep sea diving (“Honey, hold on. The shark wants to say hello!”).
    3) Are cheap. (“WHAT? More than 30 bucks for a phone?”).
    Be more than just a regular dummy. Be an Android dummy!”

    1. IPhone: the right phone for you if you don’t care how it actually functions and don’t care about being able to keep it in your pocket. The perfect phone for making a fashion statement and declaring that you’re a technological neanderthal at the same time.
      Also all the comments about android phones being for poor people are hillariously pretentious. Congratulations you paid a lot for a phone. High fives all around.

      1. iPhones function very well, thank you. You should try one. That is why it “sells” (instead of “ships”) in tens of millions. I don’t keep my mobile phone in my back pocket – hardly know anyone who does that. Try it and you’ll realize it’s rather difficult to answer calls when you have to reach into your back pocket to do that, even when you are standing up. And I wasn’t referring to poor people, but cheapos.

        1. My first 3 smart phones were iPhones (including the initial release that i paid 600 dollars for a week after launch like a sucker.) I used I phones for years. Then I decided to test the waters with android and haven’t looked back. I have a macbook. I have an iPad mini. Android is just better for what I want. All you people that day ‘iPhone just works’ have you actually tried living with an android phone? Because it also ‘just works’ and happens to work better for a lot of people. Take off your blinders and accept the fact that there are equal and better alternatives. Competition is good. Without the evil Samsung’s of the world you’d still be pecking away at your 3.5 inch iPhone. But hey, nobody would ever buy one of those giant 4.7 inch phones. Its ludacris.

          Also for the lemmings that are insisting the iPhone bending isn’t an issue:

          Get your head out of your ass and accept the fact that apple is not infallible. They released (another) product with a glaring technical oversight. Blaming Samsung for apples misstep is pathetic. Accept it for what it is – a great phone that just might bend in half if you don’t treat it right.

          1. What you illustrate is the classic conundrum iPhone (and Apple generally) haters face. To make their criticism sound credible, they have to admit to being Apple users for long enough to be able to say, “I know what I’m talking about.” But when you do that, you are then unable to give any really coherent reason for no longer using Apple. If you already felt like a “sucker” when you bought your first iPhone – and you sound like someone who is “aggressively unhappy” with the iPhone – why then did you continue using iPhone until iPhone 4? In fact, by your own account, you were getting into it with Apple fans – while lining up to BUY the iPhone 4! The logic doesn’t add up.

            1. And there in lies the classic cunnundrum with apple fans. They have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. I spent years with an iPhone. I used an iPhone when it was the best smart phone on the market. And it was for years. The iPhone 4 was light years ahead of the competition at the time.
              And you’re completely ignoring my point about the iPhone 4 launch line just like the idiots in line out their head in the sand. There was a Known Issue with the iPhone 4 that they refused to believe. Their precious apple couldn’t have a flaw. Its a stupid and pathetic attitude to not be able to admit that a CONSUMER ELECTRONICS PRODUCT has flaws. News flash – they all do. I hear that some even bend.
              You idiots end up hurting yourself. By continuing to buy mediocre apple products in flocks allows apple to be lazy and stop innovating. Apple saw Samsung and other companies taking large market share with large phones and got scared. They didn’t innovate, they followed.
              And there are lots of reasons that I prefer android to iOS. Spmenof them may not be relevant with the latest release (custom keyboards, big phones) but I still prefer to live and work in googles eco system. I use chrome on all of my computers. Google drive is a great offering. Google maps is still best in class by Far. Google now works better for.me than sir I ever has. And the huge amazing benefit of the customization that is available through android. If there is something you don’t like you can change it. Novel idea.
              You can keep living your life with your head in the sand or you can wake up and accept that completion is good. I suspect you’ve.spent a grand total of 5 minutes with a friends android phone, couldn’t figure it out, for overwhelmed and decided it was easier to put your head back in the sand and run back to your iPhone. You can call me a liar for being an iPhone user all you want but you’re just refusing to be open to try something new. My iPhone 4 (broken menu button and all) is sitting on my night stand right now. I honestly feel bad this people like you are so reluctant to try something new. Maybe you’ll like it (I sure as hell did) and maybe you wont. Lots of people don’t and switch back. Its the glory of free choice.
              Ps my phone doesn’t bend. And ive never had an android update cripple my phone. I actually can’t update this phone to kit Kat because at +ts network won’t let me… If you want to hate somebody hate them.

            2. My “mediocre” iPhone 4S and iPad 2 continue to work today just like the first day I unboxed them. In fact, in a strange way Apple hurts its own bottom line by making hardy products that just work, and work, and work. I’ve not felt the need to update my Apple devices at all, and still don’t. I suppose eventually when I start missing out on enough important new features, I’ll get newer devices. As for “bendgate”, a total of nine iPhone 6s bent – probably all deliberately and with great effort. Nine out of 15 million or so out there – there is a better chance of finding life elsewhere in the universe than to find an iPhone that bends. Finally, I don’t think Apple spends sleepless nights worrying about “market share” losses. That’s a bogus stat, simply because Apple does not have a presence on the cheapo end of the market, at least with new devices. Just because you sell a whole bunch of $20,000 shacks doesn’t mean you’re hurting the guy who sells the million-dollar mansions. Granted, Apple went for bigger screens probably in response to a trend towards bigger screens, and you have to give some credit to the “non-iPhones” for maybe creating that demand. But when the “non-iPhones” are relying on throwing everything they can think of at the wall to try and make a dent, some of it is naturally going to stick. And it’s interesting that your “guerrilla” gripe with the iPhone 6 has evolved over the last two days into a full frontal assault on all things Apple. My nephew, like many other young people, got seduced by all the talk about “non-iPhones” and about a year ago got rid of his iPhone to pick up a shiny new “non-iPhone”. Well, he is now anxiously waiting for his iPhone 6 Plus to arrive so that he can dump what he calls (with all due respect and not with any kind of racist innuendo) the U.S. word for “slum” phone. I love a lot of what Google has to offer too – just not the devices they back. And please – just because (according to you) a couple of people in a launch lineup didn’t believe in iPhone “flaws”, don’t start painting the hundreds of millions of Apple device users as having their heads in the sand. Apple is not perfect – nothing is. But “bendgate”, update f**k-ups, U2 giveaways, stock-price gyrations and other “banana skins” that constantly face Apple always fail to halt the company’s momentum. Why? Because where it really matters to consumers – the products – the quality is impeccable.

            3. The entire track of your argument undermines any credibility you may have. So apple reporting that they have only had 9 complaints changes the fact that the phone is not structurally sound how?? Ignoring the problem does not make it go away. The fact that you make the jackass assumption that people are deliberately bending their phones to complain is just assanine.
              Also apple obseletes their products by forcing “updates” to older hardware that can’t handle it. I’ve seen it with my many iphones, my macbook, and my iPad.
              And with regards to the comment about the launch line… You are another glaring example of apple fan boys trumpeting apples greatness and ignoring glaring issues. If apple has impeccable quality why are ANY phones bending. How did that make it through quality control? Major mechanical design flaw does not sound like impeccable quality.
              Also with all due respect I hope your nephew enjoys his bent iPhone. Make sure his magnesium lined anti-bending case has a nice big hole in the back so everybody knows he can afford an apple product and isn’t stuck with a poor person phone.

  5. Oh for crying out loud, just buy a proper holster. What kind of idiot buys a $600 phone and jams it into a tight fitting pants butt pocket? A moron, that’s who. I use a holster that clips and loops onto my belt. It never, ever slips off, it’s kept clean, it’s not put under any stress, and it’s a hell of a lot easier to pull out and put away. I’m truly amazed by the level of idiocy by some people. Do something stupid and blame everybody else besides yourself when things go awry. I would never shove my expensive iPhone into a tight pocket, because simple common sense dictates the chance of too much stress on the device could break it. DOH!

  6. Here’s a test that helps to provide the “front pocket bend” is a load of crap. Put your and in your front pocket. Sit down. In my case (jeans). I couldn’t feel any stress on my hand (Which longer and thicker than an iPhone 6 Plus).

    1. Yes let’s make extreme statements about other products that also bend instead of accepting that there is an issue with the beloved iPhone. Glasses aren’t meant to be stored in your pocket. I used to think phones could be stored in your pocket but apparently apple thinks otherwise.
      The bigger issue here is that all you idiots just accept the crap that apple sells you. You let them get away with selling you crap and you pay a premium for it. If you continue to deby or ignore issues with apple products they will never be compelled to improve their products because they will sell anyway. And you idiots some equate a product that sells no matter the flaws to be a good thing? That’s apple taking advantage of a foolish customer base.

      1. The glasses weren’t in my pocket, I left them on the car seat, inside a soft case. 😉 Instead of taking responsibility that it was my fault, the world seems to place blame elsewhere, just for these friction’ websites to get hits. I suppose you didn’t see the youtube video either, where the time on the iPhone screens were in the wrong sequence. Yes anything can bend with enough force but day to day “normal” use doesn’t bend phones.

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