How to get rid of iOS 8.0.1 and revert to iOS 8.0

“Apple has just released [then quickly pulled] iOS 8.0.1, a bug fix update for iOS 8,” Rene Ritchie reports for iMore.

“Unfortunately, it’s left some iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with Touch ID and cellular connection issues,” Ritchie reports. “Reboots don’t seem to fix it. It’s possible Apple can fix and re-issue the update quickly, or a workaround will be found shortly, but if you’ve already updated, and you’re affected, here’s what you need to do.”

Easy-to-follow instructions here.


  1. Or you could probably just wait until the end of the day for Apple to push out a fix OTA and install it over wifi. Relax, people. Yes this sucks. It’s embarrassing, quite frankly. But do you really think they won’t push out an update that fixes it?

    1. If you were a large tech company with lots of loyal fans, and you just pushed out an update that rendered your top of the line devices unable to make a phone call, or unable to use a prestige component of those devices, would you push out another update quickly? I know I wouldn’t … it might be a day or two before a fully tested, confidence restoring update is available.

      1. Apple’s response really depends on what the issues are, doesn’t it? There are lots of back seat drivers around the web expressing astonishment and disappointment, but the only reason that this is a major public event is because significant issues with Apple software updates are less common than on other platforms. People are used to everything “just working.” Well, sometimes things don’t work.

        Is this embarrassing for Apple? Sure it is, and that embarrassment will drive Apple to renew its focus and energy on its software quality assurance program. But it happens from time to time and no one should get freaked out about it. In fact, I hope that this experience re-sensitizes everyone to the risks of upgrading software on *any* device. Make sure that you have a current and functional backup before proceeding. If your device is critical to your business or daily activities, then do not rush to upgrade its software. Let the first adopters sweep out the bugs for you. I generally wait at least a couple of weeks (and often longer) before upgrading. Patience is far preferable to panic.

  2. Same thing happened to me. I backed up my iPhone to a computer using iTunes, clicked the Restore button to erase and rebuild the iPhone and then restored my backup.

    iPhone 6 is working great with Touch ID with OS 8.01 installed.

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