First animated GIF keyboard approved by Apple for iOS devices

“Since the launch of iOS 8 last week, there’s been a huge run on custom keyboards in the App Store,” Ryan Lawler reports for TechCrunch. “That includes the likes of Swype, Fleksy and SwiftKey, all of which have been designed to help users more quickly type and share what they are thinking.”

“But what if they want to share what they are feeling? For that, there’s no better tool than the animated GIF,” Lawler reports. “And now, thanks to a company called Riffsy Inc. [GIF Keyboard], you can quickly and easily search for, discover and share a wide variety of animated GIFs directly from your keyboard.”

Lawler reports, “The app [GIF Keyboard]leverages a collection of millions of GIFs that the company’s users have created or shared with the Riffsy Creator app over the past year. And because those GIFs are usually tagged and identified with specific hashtags like #HAPPY, #EXCITED, or #LOL, it’s easy to find an image that suits your needs.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “David M.” for the heads up.]


      1. I’d tend to side with Rick on this one. “Full Access” is indeed a new iOS permission that any installed keyboard may ask for, but most keyboards do not require it for basic functionality. In any case, it is up to the user to grant full access or not. To use all features, usually for things like predictive text, many keyboards require full access to freely connect to the Internet—typically to the developer’s servers. When turning the feature on, iOS gives the user a choice, but warns that this “could include sensitive information such as your credit card number or street address.” So you’d better make darn sure the developer is trustworthy before enabling this—or trust that Apple has done their due diligence.

          1. they don’t, read the warning. it’s possible IF you enter the CC# or address. The keyboard would be used to enter the info… so it would be possible for it to be known. unless you are able to magically enter that data without using a keyboard..

            Every keyboard on the app store needs this access.

  1. This is way off the subject except that it is an animation thing, but has Apple’s Clock app always kept time with a sweep second hand on the home screen icon? I have had it stuffed away in a folder for the past few years and only recently pulled it out because I was finding it useful. I know this is probably a noob question, but there it is…

    1. I have always used the clock for the timer really. except i’ve been using Siri to start the timers anymore so i could just toss it in my Apple folder now I guess.

      But no… the second hand is new. Had to look at it since you mentioned it. Nice little feature.

    2. The clock icon has kept time, with the second hand in motion, starting with iOS 7. Prior to that, it was a static icon.

      I prefer a second hand that ticks off seconds to a smooth sweeping one. It makes it easier to use to set my watch and other clocks.


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