Global Equities ups Apple price target to $130 from $115

“Global Equities Research on Monday raised its price target on Apple Inc. to $130 from $115, and said innovation will drive growth at the company for many years,” Ciara Linnane reports for MarketWatch.

“‘Innovation is back at Apple and we have only just scratched the surface,’ the firm said in a note. “‘It is the beginning of a New Era,'” Linnane reports.

MacDailyNews Take: Innovation never left Apple. Don’t confuse a concocted meme with reality.

Linnane reports, “Among other factors, the note cited Apple’s success in integrating both hardware and software with cloud technology and its ability to make every new version of its product better than the last, allowing it to ‘handsomely outsell’ the previous one.”

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MacDailyNews Take: “Analysts” love “unit sales” (no other information or context necessary) more than Rob Glaser loves doughnuts.

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  1. ” make every new version of its product better than the last,”

    some time back I postulated that Apple might eventually make pressure sensitive screens (like my Cintiq monitor) for iPads. In the comment replies I was told that it was fantasy, that it won’t happen.

    Yet the new iWatch has a pressure sensitive screen.

    perhaps not in the immediate future but I would hazard that eventually iPads would be pressure sensitive. You can do so much more with pressure sensitivity. (Wired said the Apple Watch’s pressure sensitive screen might be Apple’s most important announcement at the phone and watch launch).

    IPads apparently have hit a speed bump in sales, although still very good it’s not GROWING as fast as it use to.

    I think haptics and pressure sensitivity would be the next big thing that would (re) boost iPad sales (I want one) .

    1. I doubt if any of those price targets are meaningful. I don’t believe the big investors follow analyst targets with Apple like they might with Amazon, Google or Netflix. There’s really not much point in trying to pump up Apple because the money is actually there. Apple is probably one company that’s actually worth what investors are paying for it.

      $130 is so freaking outrageous, I can’t imagine any hedge fund investors will drive it that high. Institutional ownership hasn’t budged the entire year. I think shareholders will be lucky to see around $105 to $108. No investors have the balls to run up Apple much higher. They’ll probably pump Alibaba, Google and Microsoft to even greater heights and ignore Apple.

      1. $105 max. Investors invest their money where they want to. And AAPL is not that appealing. Most of the upside has been realized already. Great company and great products but you can make money in a lot of other stocks much easier than AAPL. That’s a fact. That’s life.

  2. With three new product lines (IPhone 6 Plus phablet, Apple Pay, Apple Watch), increasing cash flow and buybacks any PT under $150 is a joke. So, this time next year there will probably be around $210B in cash and securities, unless there is another increase in buybacks/dividends. So, if the stock price remains at the same level ($101ish) a year from now forward P/E less cash will be around 4-5? Give me a break…

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