Apple’s iCloud security nightmare gets worse as more nude celebrity pics leak

“If you thought that the hugely successful iPhone 6 launch would help Apple move past the controversy surrounding nude celerity photos that were stolen from hacked iCloud accounts, think again,” Brad Reed reports for BGR.

TMZ reported on Saturday that a fresh round of stolen celebrity photos popped up on 4Chan and included pictures of Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens, Hope Solo and Jennifer Lawrence,” Reed reports. “This marks the second major cache of nude celebrity photos that have hit the Internet following an earlier hack that included pictures of Ariana Grande, Victoria Justice, Jenny McCarthy, Kate Upton, Mary E. Winstead and many others.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. The sole purpose of this exercise is to tarnish Apple’s name as they are rolling out Apple Pay. The timing is too perfect. The ‘hacking’ and I use that term loosely is to get everyone skittish about using credit cards on their phone. Plain and simple.

    1. You may be right. But it won’t work. Apple Pay is a superior payments system that has all the major players onboard and aggressively promoting it. A few histrionic articles won’t reverse what is shaping up to be a powerful new business model, one that benefits everyone except whoever is behind these articles and their paid-off authors.

      1. Precisely. One more thing; people tend to have a very short memory span. The “iCloud nudes hack” scandal will be long forgotten before this year is out. And by then, ApplePay will only be warming up.

    1. The problem is that the mainstream media pick this stuff up and trumpet it, because they no longer do fact checking, and never understood anything complicated like technology, and have lost touch with journalist tenets like meaningfully informing the public, and are obsessed with ratings so they do this happy-talk thing where they babble like morons, so that we can identify with what they think we are.

      1. Indeed. I’d also extend this disregard for research and facts to science as well. These days, marketing rulz and the point is to:
        1) Get noticed.
        2) Get a contract or grant.
        3) Get money.

        All of this is emphasized by our current culture in the Western World. It is all, of course, entirely short-sighted and self-destructive. Thankfully, there are a few who actually care about what is real, useful, helpful, important, good, meaningful, positive. We’d probably insist upon being that way no matter what current cultural memes are stampeding through our cultures. That makes me happy. These people are my friends.

  2. The Kim Kardashian photo is clearly being taken with a blackberry. How the hell is that related to iCloud? These are phishing attacks or “trusted” tech support people who stole the pix and sold them online.

  3. Except it’s not iCloud that is the problem. It’s the users that have piss poor passwords and give there passwords away to everyone. iCloud was not now or before ever breached by anyone. Those celebrities were phished.

    1. i am going to be very hard pressed to believe these ‘celebrities’ didn’t create the breach themselves. for some of these pathetic people their careers exist only because of publicity.

      what do the kardashians and their ilk actually do for a living?

  4. How can anyone complain that their nude pictures were stolen from their iCloud account? Apple already explained that everyone should enable two factor authentication. What’s next? Do they need to mandate it? Is really easy to setup and once enabled you can share your password and the hackers still cannot get in workout you specifically granting access to their account.

  5. Old story writ new. Celebs can clean up their image by simply insisting that they have undergone “profound changes” since the racy photos were taken, as Dr. Laura did in 1998, during the infancy of the Internet. Funny thing though, back then the press didn’t think to blame Polaroid. Apple, however, has somehow become the great Enabler of Sin. And everyone is interested in sin—it sells lots of magazines.

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