Apple: Don’t listen to the naysayers

“The Apple Watch is a gorgeous device, which puts to shame the clunky, uncomfortable anti-aesthetic of the geeky wearables market. Its software is dazzling too. But it is also a device prone to the same big issue as the entire category, which is that it doesn’t do anything essential,” Tiernan Ray writes for Barron’s. “Whether Apple’s style and software magic will make the category suddenly a must-have remains to be seen. I, for one, think it will.”

“The most important thing is that the business is fundamentally sound. Apple will still bring in an amazing $39 billion in net income this year despite the diminished growth profile. The new iPhones maintain a pricing structure that is favorable to Apple’s profit margin while being accessible to the mainstream consumer. Apple reported on Friday that it had record pre-orders for the iPhone 6, as the larger of two models, the 6 Plus, sold out within hours. The Apple Watch contains a stunning amount of design and technological innovation,” Ray writes. “The company now has an entirely new electronic-payments service, the potential of which could be significant.”

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