Why I didn’t pre-order the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6 Plus

“Happy pre-order day, everyone!” Peter Cohen writes for iMore. “I awoke this morning to find a Twitter feed full of announcements from friends and colleagues sharing details on what model they’ve reserved. I’m sitting this one out.”

“I had been leaning towards pre-ordering the iPhone 6 and being done with it, but I decided at the last minute to wait. Because I’ve seriously been thinking about getting the iPhone 6 Plus instead,” Cohen writes. “And that’s when I realized that paper cutouts might help me figure out if the iPhone 6 Plus would fit in my pocket, but they weren’t going to give me a clear idea of what actually wielding either phone on a daily basis is going to be like.”

“I want to actually hold the phones in my hand before committing to getting one. I want to use them both for a little bit to see what I’m going to be more comfortable with,” Cohen writes. “This year, Apple’s decision to offer two distinctly different models presents us with a unique problem as iPhone customers — choice… Sometimes choice can create uncertainty, as it has for me…”

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  1. I’m in the same boat. I’m ready to change out my iPhone 4s for this new version but not knowing if the 6 or the 6+ is just right (think Goldilocks) without having the real thing in hand to play with makes pre-ordering sketchy. Also if you’re a phone case user as I am, choosing a case style that fits your needs in lieu of the larger size of either phone is tricky given you don’t even have the phone size picked yet. Too, some case manufactures seem to not make a case for the 6+ or at least make different styles for each. Maybe case style availability and the ultimate carry-ability of the 6/6+ will dictate which direction I go.

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