The real reason Apple’s Tim Cook has been underestimated

“The influence of the entertainment industry is under-appreciated. Strong leaders, for the sake of drama, are always depicted as extroverts — gregarious and flamboyant,” John Martellaro writes for The Mac Observer. “Regrettably, that may have led the media to incorrectly diagnose Tim Cook in the comparison to Steve Jobs. Here’s why observers got Tim Cook all wrong. Very wrong.”

“According to the Myers-Briggs personality test, an extrovert draws strength from being with others. But, often, in the stickiest of situations, the frenzy of the crowd and the moment can lead to unfortunate, off-the-cuff decisions,” Martellaro writes. “With enough of that, some strong leaders burn themselves out like a supernova.”

“Often, the battle requires leaders to be introverts, to draw strength from isolation. Introverts have the courage to sit for long periods of time and work out a solution that can’t be had in a James T. Kirk moment of brash intuition,” Martellaro writes. “And speaking of the legendary, fictional starship captain, the contrast between the personalities of Spock and Kirk probably wasn’t an accident. Gene Roddenberry, after all, was ex-military and had likely seen both types of leaders, especially those who were teamed together.”

Much more in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: 140911_cook_spock

“We simply must accept the fact that Captain Kirk is no longer alive.” – Mr. Spock, Stardate 5693.2

Don’t underestimate Tim Cook, Jonathan Ive… and the rest of the team Steve Jobs has put in place at Apple. We have a hunch that the “Apple innovation model” will work quite well as long as Cook and Ive work together.MacDailyNews Take, November 10, 2011


  1. Apple has announced 141 billion in gross sales and 31 billion in NET, after tax, profit for the first 9 months of this year’s fiscal year. You must be doing something right to get these kinds of numbers.

    The only reason why everyone isn’t knocked out by these numbers is the US Federal government is too big: they spend 10 billion A DAY but let me give you a clue: those are huge numbers. 🙂

    one more thing…..
    Apple products are of high quality, last a long time and are but fun and very productive to use.

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