Apple’s brilliant iPhone 6 surrender

“It was as recently as the Apple iPhone 5s that Cupertino released a series of ads promoting the serendipity coincidence that iPhone screens were the perfect size to be manipulated with one hand,” Douglas Ehrman writes for Seeking Alpha. “Yet with the release of the iPhone 6, the company has surrendered its position that larger screens were not sensible, and thus addressed one of the biggest complaints consumers have had with iPhones for several generations.”

“The move represents both an important answer to consumer wishes and a shift in Cupertino’s general approach to the market,” Ehrman writes. “In the past, Apple has been a staunch practitioner of the philosophy that the company defined what was cool, what was needed, and what was best. This traces back to Steve Jobs, whose vision allowed Apple to grow to its current stature. He was less interested in what everyone wanted, preferring to let Apple lead the way in defining the markets in which it sold products. By answering to the pressures of the market, Cupertino, under CEO Tim Cook, is showing Apple can be responsive. This is clearly a surrender, but a brilliant one that should drive shares higher.”

Ehrman writes, “Apple has taken a real step forward by surrendering on the screen size issue, which will let consumers focus on the things iPhones do really well.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Finally removing the screen size issue will allow iPhone, iOS, and the Apple ecosystem’s strengths to shine through. It will hurt Android in the premium smartphone market. The importance of allowing users to focus on iPhone’s strengths to shine by removing the occlusion of tiny displays cannot be overstated. Apple will continue to gather more and more of the most desirable customers around the world and iPhone 6/Plus will accelerate the process.


  1. Apple has taken a Machiavellian approach to it’s competitors.
    We have you surrounded.

    Consumers! Need/Want a bigger screen? No problem we got your iPhone6 and 6+.

    Don’t want a bigger screen or looking for a cheaper iPhone? No problem. We’re going to be making iPhone 5s’ for a while yet.

    Gonna be a lot of late nights and handwringing at the headquarters of Apples competitors.

    BTW. Those folks who are ragging on the AppleWatch? Would these be the same ones who panned the iMac & iPod & iPhone & iPad?

  2. Tech writers will not talk about: 64bit and M coprocessors, kill switch and tracking, easy and secure fingerprint readers, and now payments that are not track by Google and don’t give out card information. If they did they would have to show how far Android is behind. Instead it is all about the one thing Android is ahead on.

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