Apple Watch will disrupt the digital watch industry

“The digital-watch industry is prime for disruption. It’s a device with which we already have a relationship whose function has been temporarily replaced by our phones,” Ash Kumar writes for VentureBeat. “When the watch comes back en vogue as a networked device, it will also redefine how we think of and use it.”

“The Apple Watch comes with big features for enabling health monitoring and frictionless payments with Apple Pay. The health and mobile payments industries have yet to embrace mobile internet; the Apple Watch will significantly impact both,” Kumar writes. “Sure, we’ve seen watches that check your pulse, play MP3s, and check email — but those watches were not functional extensions of the most powerful smartphone in history.”

“Developers are already waiting in the wings to build third-party Apple Watch apps, offering a robust ecosystem of existing functionality right out of the gate” Kumar writes. “Messaging, social networking, and real-time information apps will be exceptionally popular with consumers.”

More reasons why Apple Watch will disrupt the digital watch industry here.

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  1. The watch industry, period. Even if I had all the money in the world, there isn’t a single Rolex that I desire to have more than the Apple Watch right now.

    And let’s remember that this is only the beginning. Look at the investments Apple made to create this product. The massive R&D expenditures, the top fashion industry hires (including Angela Ahrendts’ takeover of the store experience). It’s all coming together, it all makes so much sense now. Apple didn’t just make a watch, they entered a new category and they intend to dominate. Apple is in the jewelry business and they’re here to stay.

  2. WATCH will not only disrupt the digital watch industry, it will as TC said, be the start of the next historical Apple chapter.

    What Apple, atypically, didn’t say WATCH could do or be may be the key to it exploding and disrupting, not only the digital watch industry…

    WATCH is again an Apple game changer of huge magnitude, lookout!

  3. iHaters are in such a tailspin that they are posting comments about Apple users abandoning Apple. iHaters are so desperate that they are making up people they know suddenly dumping Apple because of the iPhone 6 and Watch. It’s sad really. They can embrace all this great stuff from Apple and enjoy life. Instead, they are happy hating and waiting for their favorite overseas cloners to rip off Apple to buy the cloned stuff. For them supporting a foreign company ripping off an American based company is fantastic. Idiots!

    1. iHaters are only angry because their limited job prospects. Very few earn more than minimum wage in keeping with the price of windows 8 and commodity pc’s these days. They’ve become disposable much like the very products they advocate and support.

  4. The digital watch industry is small beer.

    The target is the prestige watch market – that’s where the big bucks are.

    Apple want to be able to sell the same guts wrapped in 18K Gold to Celebs and Footballers wives as well as standard versions to kids with rich dads. That’s the way the fashion industry works – add bling and then zero’s to the price. It’s about tapping into status and conspicous consumption.

  5. While waiting for the DevKit to come, I made an app for the Samsung Gear: It simply displayed the Apple Logo with a watch face and a small type face statement “Time to get an Watch.”

    Both people who still wear them bought it.

  6. It needs to be priced a little less in my opinion. We are talking about as much as an iPod touch but it can’t do that stuff. Its very cool. I think ill wait for gen 2 just because when you look at GEN 1 of iPad or iPhone and such the advancements between GEn 1 and 2 are big.

    So i hope it takes off love it to be a huge success but i think price needs to be just below $300

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