Analyst: Apple to reveal new iPad Air with gold option, anti-glare display on September 9th

“In a bit of a surprise prediction, Apple may use its upcoming September 9 event to introduce the iPad Air 2 along with the iPhone 6 and iWatch, claims KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in a research report released [Thursday],” Kelly Hodgkins reports for MacRumors. “That plan would differ from Apple’s announcement schedules in recent years that have seen the company unveil the iPhone in September and the iPad in October at a second press event.”

“According to Kuo, Apple is preparing modest upgrades primarily for the iPad Air and not the iPad mini, because the larger iPad is more popular among consumers. While the iPad Air 2 is said to carry several improvements, including an anti-reflective display as previously rumored, the second-generation Retina iPad mini may receive only Touch ID support,”Hodgkins reports. “[Kuo wrote], ‘In light of limited development resources and the fact that iPad Air contributes more to Apple’s sales and earnings than iPad mini, we think that only iPad Air 2 will see a major upgrade in specs this year, including anti-reflective coating for the cover lens, full lamination for the touch panel, a gold-colored metal casing, an A8 processor, Touch ID/ fingerprint recognition and an 8-megapixel rear camera. iPad mini may be upgraded with fingerprint recognition, if any.'”

Read more in the full article here.


    1. Why the down votes? I would kill for a non reflecting display. The thing I hate most on iDevices is the shiny mirror display. Maybe you folks are not old enough to remember when displays were readable in bright light, even outdoors.

    1. It can suck. But Apple would not release it if it sucked. Therefore, if Apple releases an iPad Air 2 (Airier?) with a non-reflective display, then it will be a good one.

      Unless proven otherwise, Apple deserves the benefit of the doubt. Apple has earned that respect.

    1. Actually, that’s your Marxist/Obama viewpoint overloading your dumb ass. Gold is the color of success and wealth in most cultures. And gold itself is not coveted for the wealth it might represent, but because of its rarity and malleability, not to mention it being ‘precious.’ It’s desirability stems from those reasons and is not an indication of ‘greed’ in someone.

      Or as on old acquaintance of mine used to say, “You’s just jealous.”

      1. Why does it have to be “Marxist/Obama”? Why?

        Why do you and Fwhatever and botvinnik always have to attach sociopolitical baggage to your comments? It makes a lot of people disregard your inputs as worthless.

  1. If the retina mini stays at A7 and adds touch ID and the price is lowered to $349, I think it would be a big win. The Original iPad mini at $199 would be fantastic, though I don’t think Apple will do it.

    1. I take my iPad mini with me where ever I go. My iPad (lost track of which version, but not original, stays firmly planted on my dining room table where I work / eat as my online companion.

      Each used in an appropriate, for me, manner.

      I would replace my current mini with one that has a finger print reader, that’s the only change I would make with these devices.

      Hoping for 128GB iPhone for my music.

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