9 things to expect from Apple’s ‘iWatch’

“It feels like there have been iWatch rumors going back basically forever, but the strange thing is that they really only kicked off about a year and a half ago,” Jacob Kastrenakes writes for The Verge. “Stranger yet: we still don’t have a perfectly clear picture of what Apple’s built. Its latest phones and tablets have all leaked out pretty thoroughly before their announcements, but details on the so-called iWatch have been inconsistent and piecemeal at best.”

“We’re now just days away from finding out what Apple’s actually been working on. That hardly means that it’s time to rest our curiosity, though — we’re still as eager as ever to find out what the iWatch is like,” Kastrenakes writes. “Here’s our breakdown of all the reports and rumors that we’ve seen over the past year or so as we try to figure out exactly what to expect from Apple on Tuesday.”

9 things to expect from Apple’s iWatch:
• It’ll tell the time
• It’ll track your health
• It’ll be an extension of your iPhone
• It’ll come in two sizes
• It’ll have multiple price options
• No one’s positive what shape the iWatch is
• It’ll be able to do a lot wirelessly, including pay for things
• Its screen will have four interesting features on its own
• You won’t be able to buy it until next year

Much more in the full article here.


  1. OK that is one minute of my life not getting back reading this piece of ….

    What next: iPhone 6 will be able to
    -make calls
    – Available in multiple pricing options
    – Available in at least 3 colors
    -Tell times and support advance alarms
    -be touch sensitive

  2. Analcysts wil:
    — make predictable calls
    — offer nothing new
    — work on new ways to say the same things
    — get product clues from Captain Obvious
    — struggle to web bait
    — usually be wrong
    — beat the subject to death
    — offer nothing special beyond what a bar meet and round robin tech discussion with your buddies would
    — make wild assumptions
    — show their inside knowledge is more outside like everyone else’s
    — be the first to milk a negative angle


  3. I’ll wager that it will not have port of any kind. That will make it smiler but perhaps also waterproof. Emerge from the water and purchase a beer at the poolside bar no wallet, no room key! I can afford the beer, but will have to sell some aapl to pay for the resort bill!

  4. …and when nothing like that at all is announced the jerks will rag on Apple. For something Apple never hinted at ever.
    I wish journalists, reporters could be shot for lying.

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