Why now is the time to buy Apple shares

“After losing $26 billion of its market capitalization in one day, Apple investors may finally have a chance to scoop up fresh shares of the tech giant ahead of its big product event next week,” Jennifer Booton reports for MarketWatch.

“The Cupertino iPhone maker’s 4.4% dip on Wednesday signals a buying opportunity, Seeking Alpha contributor Bret Jensen said in a post early Thursday. The stock had its worst one-day decline in seven months after Samsung unveiled a 5.7-inch Note 4,” Booton reports. “Analysts from Cantor Fitzgerald were also bullish on Apple saying in a note to clients Thursday that the Samsung event was ‘rushed’ and ‘underwhelming.'”

Booton reports, “Cantor upped its price target on Apple to $123 and maintained its buy rating.”

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    1. As much as I dislike an analyst to tell Apple investors to sell their shares but Hargreaves is actually helping Apple to buy back more shares at a lower price which in turn will give Apple a higher bottom. Every time an analyst tries to screw investors, Apple will step in and keep the EPS up. That’s the only way I can look at the situation where it comes out favorable for current shareholders who intend to hold onto their Apple stock.

      It’s reasonable for investors to take profits but I think Hargreaves is giving very poor reasons to spook investors saying Apple doesn’t have much of an upside. I certainly can’t understand why he’s saying iPhone sales are already priced in. It just seems absurd how 75 million iPhones could already be priced into Apple shares. That’s a huge amount of revenue. That would be more revenue than Apple had in 2012 at $705 a share. My math isn’t all that good but there are things that don’t add up properly.

  1. I don’t get concerned about day to day, or week to week, or month to month fluctuations in AAPL price. I’m not a day trader, I’m in it for the long haul.

    Let them drive it down some more, I’ve got a price trigger set for another buy, if they keep it up I’ll own more AAPL before the 9/9/14 event!

  2. “after Samsung unveiled a 5.7-inch Note 4,”

    new samsung POS brought the shares down?
    don’t think so.

    more like a concentrated ‘Foment’ attack. (as Jim Cramer explained years ago).

    Celeb breach FUD
    analyst threaten downgrade
    More press FUD — apple in trouble, sell sell — from ‘leaked info’ from Hedge funds.
    hedgies start calculated selling in staggered small amounts inducing panic
    then SHORT… = $$$$

  3. If you are tapped out and need the money, or leveraged beyond your ability to pay should the market collapse, then by all means sell some shares, even though AAPL could go up and you would lose out on additional profit. And, that profit implies more tax. Selling a limited number of shares when a stock is on the way up or is already reasonably valued balances capital conservation against potential profit.

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