Apple’s game-changing ‘iWatch’ to allow mobile payments, feature curved display

“Apple Inc. plans to include short-range wireless technology in its coming smartwatch, according to people familiar with the matter, signaling that it sees a role for the device in digital payments,” Lorraine Luk, Daisuke Wakabayashi and Greg Bensinger report for The wall Street Journal. “The gadget’s use of near-field communication, or NFC, reflects Apple’s broader ambitions for the so-called iWatch beyond health and fitness tracking, the most commonly cited use. Apple also is expected to add the wireless technology to the next versions of its iPhone, people familiar with the device said, potentially simplifying the process of connecting, or pairing, the two devices.”

“NFC wireless is central to Apple’s plans to offer so-called tap-to-pay into its mobile devices, allowing users to pay for goods and services using credit cards stored with iTunes, people close to Apple said,” Luk, Wakabayashi and Bensinger report. “Apple is expected to unveil the new phones and smartwatches at an event next week, the people familiar with the matter said. But it wasn’t clear when the new smartwatch would go on sale.”

“One person familiar with Apple’s suppliers said there is ‘no way’ that it will be able to ship the watch this year,” Luk, Wakabayashi and Bensinger report. “Apple plans to take preorders for the smartwatch before it officially goes on sale, a person close to Apple said.”

Much more in the full article here.

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  1. Wireless charging? I’m sold! Jony Ive was right. The watch industry is in trouble because soon I’m never going to want anything on my wrist that isn’t made by Apple. My (modest) watch collection is about to get very dusty.

  2. So if someone steals your iWatch, would that mean they’ve effectively stolen your iWallet too? Maybe. It supposedly has health monitoring capabilities, so perhaps those sensors can also be used to biometrically confirm the wearer’s identity. It would be a phenomenal if it could do that.

    1. That’s the case I have been putting forward for months now, it is clearly the secondary point of the bio metric data. That combined with the touch sensor will represent serious security. Now whether all that potential will be fully implicated at launch I don’t know but clearly that’s the aim. I’m surprised though how few are seeing that potential be it either fan or analyst.

  3. do you think their watch will play music? Since iTunes is a big part of apple i can’t imagine no music on it. if it did have music, do you think the watch would have the same old ear phone jack, or something else like a new type of jack or force user to use only bluetooth?

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