Analyst projects disappointing iPhone 6 sales on opening weekend

“You’d think with the rumor mill hitting all-time new heights of crazy iPhone 6 sales will be better than ever when it hits stores on September 19th, but Piper Jaffray’s top Apple analyst, Gene Munster is predicting that won’t be the case,” Buster Hein reports for Cult of Mac. “Munster hasn’t been one to shy away from bold Apple predictions (no matter how many times he’s wrong), but his latest note to investors claims iPhone 6 sales probably won’t be as nearly as huge as the iPhone 5s during launch weekend.”

“Apple’s opening weekend iPhone sales hit 9 million units in 2013, but that number included the iPhone 5c. Apple may have only sold 5.4 million iPhone 5s units according to Munster, who predicts Apple is at risk of announcing a big drop in opening weekend iPhone sales this year, which could be a downer for investors,” Hein reports. “Munster estimates Apple will sell 6.5 million new iPhone 6 units during launch weekend, which would represent a 28% decrease from total iPhone sales last year. The drop in sales numbers would be due to the ‘channel fill’ of over 3 million iPhone units in 2013 when Apple replaced all iPhone 5 units with the iPhone 5c, boosting total new iPhone sales for the weekend.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. In my experience analists tend to conjure up fancy scenarios in direct accordance with the wishes of the highest bidder.

    If it went the other way round, they would all likely be broke/bankrupt within weeks so really there’s only one possible outcome.

    1. Believe he over estimated last year. I’m still waiting for the big a** Apple television that he has talked about for the past 2 plus years. Ain’t gonna happen when you buy a 4K 50 inch o AMZN for less than the cost of an iPhone.

  2. I want to know what other stocks Piper Jaffray advises its investors on, so I know which companies I should stay away from.

    This latest iPhone release is set to blow the roof off all other previous iPhones sales projections, and decimate Samsung’s business besides. That’s My Prediction.

  3. L.O. L
    Yet in another article
    ” Piper Jaffray ups Apple price target to $120 with high hopes for iOS 8 home & health features”

    You would think that at the least they stay consistent with themselves ..

    What joke the anal ist business has become !

  4. The reporter must have missed what else went into Gene Munster’s reasoning, i.e. the new iPhone six would come in 55 inch and 65 inch screen sizes and play TV shows over broadcast networks. The size and weight of the screen would contribute to the fall off of the number of iPhone 6s sold, but the 3000 dollar price tag would probably make up for it.

  5. With this many leaks, it is obvious Apple is having a very large number of iPhone 6s built. If what people really want a large screen, it will be a blockbuster product.

    As a customer, but not a stockholder, I’d kind of like to see a “slower” opening weekend. I got my 5s on day one, and it was just a little too many people there last year. Some loyal customers were turned away at the little shop I got my phone at.

    So many people I know really like their 5c, that I can’t imagine Apple not continuing this product line.

    I’m sitting this round out, I’m still under contract for a few more months. My next Apple purchase will be either a iPad Air, iPad mini, or even a MacBook Air to replace my iPad 1. In addition, I’d buy a 17″ MacBook Pro desktop workstation replacement on day one. I’ll give any new Apple wearable product a hard look, As will I any Apple TV product.

  6. Gene Munster did not count me in. This is the upward revision of his forecast: 6 million + 1 (the one I will wait in line to buy). Feel free to add to this revision.

  7. These following themes should get most analysis’s through the next few weeks.
    Beleaguered Apple is doomed by popularity of iPhone and huge profits.
    Breakthrough gadgets show that beleaguered Apple can’t innovate or make products that anyone will buy.
    Severe shortages of breakthrough gadget on first day show that beleaguered Apple can’t manage supply chain.
    Massive first day sales leave beleaguered Apple with possible sales downturn next year.
    Beleaguered Tim Cook over-successful management style to cause collapse of beleaguered Apple in 2nd quarter of 2016.
    Beleaguered Apple’s success problem likely to be fatal next year.

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