Apple invites Gizmodo to September 9th special media event

“Apple has just sent out its invitations to an event on September 9th. You can expect at least one iPhone, and possibly an iWatch as well,” Brian Barrett reports for Gizmodo. “And hey… we’ll be there!

“While in the past Apple invites have included adorable clues about what to expect, this year’s version leaves things at a simple ‘Wish we could say more,'” Barrett reports. “Which could mean a focus on Siri, but is more likely just garden-variety coyness.”

Barrett reports, “We’ll be covering the event live for the first time since 2009.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: What would Steve do? Very highly likely, not this. Tim Cook’s grudge-holding capability obviously pales in comparison to Jobs’. Is that a good thing or not?

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  1. — PR has to be assertive and pro active.

    The stock drop a few years ago was due in part to Apple’s PR lack of force in addressing B.S from the press (who want to get Page hits) to stock manipulators like Doug Kass a hedge fund guy who appears on CNBC (making false comments to play aapl like a yo yo).

    Recently Apple’s more pro active PR stance coinciding with Katie Cotton’s leaving has protected Apple’s image better (BTW the head of Apple USA marketing also ‘left’ Apple in the same week) . Apple responded fast to the book Haunted Empire, to erroneous claims by the EU, Chinese govt etc.

    The Chinese state channel’s false claim of Apple spying got an an apple press release within one day! Astonishing. Apple previously had left stuff like NYT bashing, Mike Daisey etc go unanswered leaving Apple’s image in the dog heap. People don’t understand how these false information can tip over creating an avalanche , people say Apple’s ‘shouldn’t bother’ with small fry like Daisey BUT he got so popular he appeared on big news outlets as an ‘expert’ guest, NPR wanted to devote a whole program to him, the Woz was opening his shows — and the all the while his facts as shown later were fabricated. Daisey was so successful that just a couple of weeks ago I saw a news agency rank apple as the number one labour offender overseas basing I guess on the ‘Mike Daisey investigations’ instead of apple having the best most transparent foreign labour policies.

    Apple’s recent PR assertiveness like Tim Cook calling Haunted Empire nonsense, Eddy Cue writing that Jobs never threw things at him, stopping that book in its tracks (the author was scheduled to appear in numerous news channels as a guest ‘expert’) as halted a lot of the nonsense directed at apple helping the stock recover (manipulators have less room to play if their lies are stopped quickly) .

    — The above said Apple’s ‘forgiveness’ of Gizmodo is an interesting move. Gizmodo has been giving reasonably fair coverage of Apple since being banned BUT I THINK IT’S BECAUSE THEY WANT TO GET OFF APPLE’S BAN LIST. I also think Apple bashing by OTHER news outlets since the ban has also been ameliorated by them seeing Gizmodo’s ‘punishment’.

    Apple’s ‘forgiveness’ (in the real world of cold hard cash page hit journalism) is that they have to make it clear that patently false anti apple b.s will IMMEDIATELY PUT THAT NEWS OUTLET INTO A SHIT LIST. they don’t get pre-release products to review (Mossberg, Pogue etc get pre release models sometimes weeks before they are launched to study them) don’t get invites, don’t get interviews etc. These things are very VALUABLE $$$ to to these news purveyors, note apple is the largest tech firm the world , gets the most page hits on most items, the world including non apple users are intensely interested in it , Apple is like the hottest movie star today: access to it is valuable. (an exclusive interview with a movie star can be worth millions of dollars).

    I’m sorry (for all the bleeding hearts out there ) but the world and big business is a tough rough place to be — you can try to be source of societal good, act nice etc — but you always also have to watch your back. Like politics. How many times we’ve seen good politicians not get elected because of bad P.R while some asshat gets elected because of effective P.R B.S, so P.R is important. When Steve Jobs was around especially when he was fully healthy he was a PR and Marketing GENIUS — then Apple PR slid for some years — Apple has to RE-learn it now. So far the last while it has been good, lets see how the Gizmodo thing works — Apple just keep the Big Stick held up in the other hand…

    ( I use to work in PR and advertising. )

    1. shoot, apologizes never realized the above post was so long!
      could have taken the whole first part out,
      was trying to multitask and posted from dialog box without checking. No edit feature in MDN.

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