Apple invites Gizmodo to September 9th special media event

“Apple has just sent out its invitations to an event on September 9th. You can expect at least one iPhone, and possibly an iWatch as well,” Brian Barrett reports for Gizmodo. “And hey… we’ll be there!

“While in the past Apple invites have included adorable clues about what to expect, this year’s version leaves things at a simple ‘Wish we could say more,'” Barrett reports. “Which could mean a focus on Siri, but is more likely just garden-variety coyness.”

Barrett reports, “We’ll be covering the event live for the first time since 2009.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: What would Steve do? Very highly likely, not this. Tim Cook’s grudge-holding capability obviously pales in comparison to Jobs’. Is that a good thing or not?

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  1. That’s for Gizmodo to decide, based on their subsequent behavior. As far as Apple is concerned, I think taking the high road and forgiving past transgressions is more in line with their brand’s image, or at least the image they want to project.

    1. Actually, using the Flint Center, which is a concert hall, (instead of the usual Moscone venue) allows several times as many attendees. So, I think what really happened here is “the bar was lowered” for who gets invited and how who not. And Gizmodo “made the cut…” 🙂

  2. My take is that the “Wish we could say ‘more.’” means that the ‘more’ (another device) will also be announced on September 9th, in addition to the expected iPhone 6 model(s).

    1. Maybe some time between last year and now, everyone at Apple has lost the ability to use the word “more”. So, they wish they could say it, because they’re currently unable to.

      1. YES – that’s it. Instead, during the presentation, Tim Cook will say, “Oh and one additional thing.”

        Because nobody is allowed to say, “one more thing” now that Steve is gone.

  3. I know a lot of Apple fans who are Gizmodo readers. I think this was a good move. There’s no benefit to anyone to hold a grudge against Gizmodo. Other companies have harmed Apple (Samsung, Google), and they definitely deserve having a grudge held against them. Gizmodo went way too far with how they exploited that iPhone 4 prototype that they knew was Apple’s property, and Apple went a little too far as well. It all balances out.

      1. I stopped reading them when the redesigned and wrecked their readability. But they were also run by a bunch of man-children back there who would do things like go to trade shows and interrupt stage demos by using a remote to shut off TV screens. Then of course there was the whole issue of buying stolen prototypes. I didn’t hold that against them. And I thought it was kind of childish of Apple to hold a grudge. But their PR person back then was kind of a petulant child, like Steve, when they felt Apple was wronged. (Remember when Steve yanked ATI video cards out of his Steve Note announcing the cube because some idiot at ATI jumped the starting gun?)

        But Gizmodo, despite being man-children, were also Apple fanboys, so Apple should have swatted their hands and been done with the issue. Glad to see Apple has taken the higher road. Finally. Now let’s see if Gizmodo has grown up yet.

  4. Looks like Gizmodo served its four minute major penalty for high sticking. And they’re back in the game.

    Love or hate them, Gizmodo and its related sites (Gawker, Jalopnik, iO9, Jezebel, etc., etc.) have become a force. They get a lot of eyeballs and secondary coverage. They can be snotty and sophomoric, but surprisingly, they often have good things to say about Apple. That won’t stop them from doing sleazy things or being too quick to judge (remember their first comments on the iPad when it was introduced?). But often, surprisingly, they have some good articles.

    We fanboys are swift to defend Apple. I get that. But this move shows that Tim Cook wants a different approach to PR post-Katie Cotten. That’s apparent. My fingers are crossed that this works out.

    By the way, on the announcement for the September 9 event: did you notice a .0000005 micron chamfer in the right side of the curve of what appears to be the upper part of the apple in the invitation? Given that every other pundit is dissecting this for clues, damnit, I thought I should jump in with more stupidity and tea leaf reading. I think this microscopic chamfer tweak is quite significant, one that holds deep clues of great magnitude relating to the upcoming announcements, whatever the hell that means.

    Remember, you read that here first. And I want full credit.

    There. I feel better now.

  5. Apple had to invite Gizmodo as Gizmodo was unable to buy a found lost in a bar iPhone 6 to scoop a story with and the folks at Gizmodo will have to wait until Sept. 9th like the rest of us!

  6. Made me go back and look at what Steve Jobs did have to say (the June 2nd Macdailynews article above) and I just thought I’d post the video here with the relevant quotes:

    “When this whole thing with Gizmodo happened… I got a lot of advice from people that said:
    ‘You’ve got to just let it slide, you shouldn’t go after a journalist because they bought stolen property and they tried to extort you.’
    And I thought deeply about this… And I ended up concluding that the worst thing that could possibly happen, as we get big and we get a little more influence in the world, is if we change our core values and start letting it slide. I can’t do that. I’d rather quit. We have the same values now as we had then. We’re maybe a little more experienced – certainly more beat up – but, but the core values are the same. And we come into work, wanting to do the same thing today as we did five or ten years ago – which is build the best products for people.
    You know, there’s nothing that makes my day more than getting an email from some random person in the universe who just bought an iPad over in the UK, and tells me the story about how it’s the coolest product they’ve ever brought home, you know, in their lives.
    That’s what keeps me going.
    And it’s what kept me going five years ago, it’s what kept me going ten years ago when the doors were almost closed. And it’s what’ll keep me going five years from now whatever happens.”

    Steve Jobs, June 1st 2010 – RIP

  7. It wasn’t just that Gizmodo had bought stolen merchandise, there were other serious shenanigans they used to do… like disabling monitors with a remote during CES demos.

    For all of that, I think it was very wise to ban Gizmodo.

    However, Gizmodo has really grown up and changed in many ways. They have an audience comprised mostly of influencers that is somewhat important for Apple to reach.

    I just hope someone at Apple had a serious talk with Gizmodo and made it clear on what wouldn’t be tolerated moving forward, although I think Gizmodo already knows.

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