Will Apple really offer a 5.5-inch iPhone or not?

“I have been publicly doubting the existence of the 5.5 inch iPhone for some time,” Ben Bajarin writes for Tech.pinions.

“The vast majority of Android devices in use are not phablets,” Bajarin writes. “When I share my skepticism, it is due to the nature of what we see regarding phablets today. However, there are always other ways to look at this data.”

“Those who can afford iPhones in Asia will buy whatever Apple makes due to status. I’m not convinced Apple is or would lose customers in Asia if they did not make a [5.5-inch] phablet,” Bajarin writes. “That being said, and looking at the data I have, there are always times to forget data and go with your gut. It will be exciting to see what Apple’s gut has told them to do.”

Much more in the full article – recommended – here.


  1. espite all the rumors I also doubt there will be two new premium phones. Many people want the top of the line and will automatically but that. But if there are two that equal except for size then there’s suddenly a decision to make. That’s not good business. Whenever there’s a choice, of the choices is to be unsure and so wait for the next one.

    And if they are not equal then people who want the top of the line but the other size will be hopping mad.

    This is a clear case of no choice being the better option. The 5.5″ might come later, but not now.

    That’s what I think.

    1. Unless they make the iPhone 6 much bigger than existing large screen phones it will fit in your pocket comfortably. My Note 3 is 5.7″ and fits perfectly well. The benefits are huge, when I use my iPod touch it is so painful using a tiny screen. However, if you prefer a smaller screen that’s fine, but the “does not fit in a pocket” is just not true.

      1. Let me re-phrase. I want it to fit comfortably for me. I tend to wear jeans every day while working. I don’t use elevators, so I’m always using stairs. I also don’t sit on my ass all day. I move around. A big phablet in my pocket would be uncomfortable whether it fits or not.

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