New photos show 4.7-inch iPhone 6 rear case with colored bands

“New high-quality photos said to be of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6’s rear shell have been shared by, showing us what may be a finished back from the device,” Richard Padilla reports for MacRumors.

“Notably, this newest component appears to have its rear bands colored in to fit with the rest of the device, perhaps suggesting that the different color options of the iPhone 6 will feature a similar treatment,” Padilla reports.

“Besides its colored bands,” Padilla reports, “the rear shell shown in the photos appears to be consistent with previous looks at the component, displaying a rounded chassis, embedded rear logo, and more.”

iPhone 6 rear case with colored antenna breaks to match metal case  finish
iPhone 6 rear case with colored antenna breaks to match metal case finish

More info and photos in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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    1. To me the colored bands are a big improvement over the early leeks with them being white.

      Given the design changes I’m of the belief that Jonny Ives leaked the cases so he can determine public reaction to the new look. I never saw anyone say “I like the white bands”. Now on this latest “leak” they are colored. The reactions I’m reading now are far more accepting.

    2. That IS NOT AN iPHONE 6, it’s the Chinese knock off. . . an Android phone. Look at the bulbous sides making it wider to hold than it has to be. . . there is NO engineering reason for that curved side. If they show the screen, the border is 1/8″ on either side, again adding unnecessary width, not something in Apple’s DNA. Finally, this is the phone that is the source of all those .77 mm thick camera lens sticking out from the back. Absurd!

  1. Not a fan of the bands and, to me, the design is very pedestrian and ‘cheap’ – perhaps it will look better in person. This is the first iPhone design that fails to excite me – an admittedly Apple fanBoy. I can usually be counted on to buy a new phone (or laptop) just about every cycle. I may decide to skip this one unless it has some ‘special’ internal advantages.

        1. New to Apple design, are you? Apple removes functionality too aggressively to meet its absurd thinness goals. Everyone with an iPhone wants better battery life, and no one will be surprised when Apple instead shaves off a half a millimeter.

      1. Your comment is a bit too Asus, HP, Dell or [insert generic PC maker].

        One of the ‘joys’ of Apple over the last 15 years has been the blending of function (‘the internals’) with aesthetic beauty. “It works great and it looks great!” This phone may work great, but it MAY not appeal to the side of me that appreciates the beauty of a functional design. A cheap Dell runs Word* and Excel* as well as my Mac… but I won’t be buying a Dell anytime soon**.

        *I have to use Word/Excel in my profession (scientific research) so don’t go into Pages and Numbers (which I have).
        **except for the RNA sequencer which requires a pc

        1. Apple has always delighted me with their ability to wrap a beautiful form around the functional product it has designed. I look forward to seeing these phones in person. No leaks can tell what it’s like to hold the phone in your hand.

          1. Must admit the curved cased strikes me as being visually and practically a great improvement especially after so long with the slab sides. To be honest though its the front that strikes me as being somewhat unimaginative if its simply the same as the present incarnation and which might suit this style a little less too.

  2. For those of you who dislike the bands… What’s your alternative to allowing cellular signals to pass through. Sure a complete unibody construction would look great but it wouldn’t function. Personally I don’t think the 5 and 5s look much better. Who remembers the comments leading up to the 5 when people “loathed” the “two-tone” colored back??!

    1. Using the Apple logo on the back to allow antenna pass-through, for one (make the logo out of a material that allows RF through, like liquid metal, for example); alternatively, just make those bands thinner, like they are on iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 models.

  3. So what is it? Thick color bands with metal plates or thin bands with a glass plate?

    I have seen both. whats common is rounded sides.

    Are we looking at the “C” version of the phone here?

  4. The bands are an eyesore. They completely take away from the beauty of the new design. They remind me of unwieldly hedges that need to be trimmed, leg warmers from the 1980’s or women with hairy armpits. People will notice this new phone from a far and say things like, “Hey, there is that new ugly iPhone”. If this is truly a legitimate design then this new iPhone will be my first phone ever to be wrapped in a foreign cover. I will not purchase a cover from Apple in protest of bad taste.

  5. I’m not a huge fan of these new bands if this is the way Apple goes. Hopefully coloring them will make them look better. I’m still hoping they go with the panels instead. BUT….either way i’ll be buying one lol

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