Xiaomi’s MIUI 6 Android skin mimics Apple’s iOS 7

“Xiaomi has released the latest version of its operating system [skin], MIUI 6,” Catherine Shu reports for TechCrunch. “With a design that features iOS 7-like flat icons and gradient rainbow colors, the Android UI won’t help Xiaomi ward off accusations that it copies hardware and software designs from Apple.”

“MIUI 6’s design resemblance to iOS 7 goes beyond its icons,” Shu reports. “Pre-loaded utility apps, including its calendar, compass, and calculator, all look very similar to Apple’s.”

“Xiaomi’s originality (or lack of) hasn’t hurt its sales,” Shu reports. “Last month, the company reported that it had sold 26.11 million handsets in the first half of 2014, an increase of 271 percent from a year earlier and more than its total phone sales of 18.7 million in all of 2013.”

Xiaomi’s MIUI 6 Android skin mimics Apple's iOS 7
Xiaomi’s MIUI 6 Android skin mimics Apple’s iOS 7

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MacDailyNews Take: Just as with personal computers, where the only successful PCs are Mac and Mac knockoffs, the only successful smartphones and tablets are iPhone and iPad knockoffs.

Apple leads, the rest follow at a great distance.

As we wrote recently:

Xiaomi makes Samsung look like original thinkers. Plus, they’re led by an even more despicable slime bucket than Samsung:

“[Steve] Jobs will die someday, so there are still opportunities for us. The meaning of our existence is just waiting for him to kick the bucket.” – Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun, August 30, 2011

Hugo Barra used to be in charge of Google’s Android division, so, obviously, there’s no copying going on. 😉

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

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  1. Well, thanks to the corrupt judges in the United Stated, why wouldn’t they? The judges have told the world that all of Apple’s patents mean nothing by only giving Samsung a slap on the wrist.

    1. Even though I agree that the justice must do their job to protect IP and so its investment, I truly believe that in case of Shamelessiomi not any justice applies because the Chinese companies will always be protected under the Chinese government. For them there is no law.

  2. Well not only is this copying (and being an absolute twat, ‘steve jobs will die soon’ wtf really??) but it’s a slap in the face to any real Android user

    There’s a reason why I prefer my own interface. All the information I need literally at my fingertips. If I wanted an iPhone interface, I’d just go buy an iPhone…

        1. It’s easy to argue with someone when you can make up what you’d like them to have said. There is a crime in America known as receiving stolen property. Theft is illegal, and so is buying what’s been stolen. So your point is exactly what?

      1. In my opinion? A ‘fake’ Android user is someone who runs a completely stock Android. I mean, it’s ok if you want to stay on the stock ROM and deal with the bugs and bloatware that always comes with it, but I’ve seen people who are still using the stock launcher. I’ve seen people who don’t even have their apps organized by folder, people who don’t even use widgets and still actually open apps to access information that they could have at a glance right on their home screen. They might as well trade in their phone for an iPhone at that rate because they’re basically getting the same experience.

        1. That sounds like a good definition, and it explains why, come time for a new phone, more Android users gravitate to iPhone than vice versa — Android’s giant market share, plausibly, consists mostly of ordinary (‘fake’) users, as opposed to technologically adept users who choose specs and customisability over fashion — and, I expect both ordinary (‘fake’) and adept types are more price conscious as well.

          I also can understand that the ‘adept’, sophisticated as they are, take exception when lumped in with the ‘fake’ by Apple snobs and hypocrites. Present company excluded, naturally…MDN is the very soul of decorum, compared with other ravaging web sites

          1. Well to be fair, you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for function. If you’ll look at my screenshot I feel like I have mine set up to be nice and presentable while offering more functionality. But that’s just me.

            1. Sheesh, troll. I don’t flash my trench coat open to show my OS to passers by like you apparently do. I’m not interested in how my OS looks, although I think it looks fine. I’m interested in how it works and interfaces with my other equipment.

        2. Having been an Android user for two years before graduating to the iPhone, I think I can safely place myself into the “fake” group. I do admit, though, that during those two years I toyed with the idea of putting a custom ROM on my device, and I have certainly done a lot of reading about this (it cannot be done without reading a lot about it and preparing oneself for the task), but I realised that my time is just way too much valuable to waste it on scavenging for ROM tools and files, backing up, rooting, wiping, installing/reinstalling, etc… I thought I bought a reasonably smart smartphone that would work well without my having to invest 15+ man-hours into retro-fiting it into something smarter. In the end, I got rid of it on CraigsList and gotmyself an iPhone that does what the other device was supposed to do (when I was done retro-fitting it with the custom ROM).

          There are people who have plenty of free time, and there are people who have less time but more money. The boundary between the two smartphone platforms lies somewhere between these two types of people.

          1. Actually, CyanogenMod just released an installer. It’s 2 applications. One is a ‘companion’ app that runs on your phone and helps guide you through the whole process, the other is an app that runs on your PC and does the actual installing. When I got my Note 2, once I had the USB drivers installed it took me all of 10 minutes and a few clicks to get my phone running CyanogenMod

  3. I say we buy these inferior knockoffs, then burn-up their support help phone lines with complaint after complaint after complaint until the free support expires then sell it on China’s e-bay.

  4. there are despicable and contemptible things in the world. then there are the mickisofts and the goggles and the xahjuméés who don’t deserve even a proper spelling.

  5. I don’t actually know what these Xiomi phones cost, but if they’re cheap enough I can see a really good use for one: sacrificial phone in the event of a mugging.
    Just hand the cheap knock-off to the scumbag, and walk away smiling quietly, the perp is going to get a bit of a surprise, or whoever the sucker is who he sells it to.
    You could even call the poor sod and laugh at him later!

  6. Android copied Apple, Apple copied Android and Xiaomi copied Apple. Everyone’s done it.

    But what has been copied….font? colours? shapes? You can’t own a rudimentary shape or layout lol. What do you think?

    1. The legal definition is “trade dress”. It is the collection of visual elements (shapes, colours, textures, etc) that unmistakeably identifies a product. It includes the layout lol. (what is the “layout lol” anyway?)

      1. You can’t really ‘steal’ ideas. If it were so, you could apply the same argument to pretty much every other electronic device. Maybe Microsoft stole Sony’s idea and made a DVD based game console. Maybe LG stole Zenith’s idea and made a flat screen HD TV with a remote.

        Yet no one is being sued in court.

          1. And let’s not forget about all the stuff that Apple has copied from Android. Such as the notification center, News Stand, wireless syncing, OTA updating without the need of a computer, tabbed browsing, cloud storage sync…

            But look who I’m talking to. An Apple shill. The rules only apply when they benefit Apple right?

            1. $900,000,000 is like a fly on the windshield to Samsung. Companies like Samsung, and even Apple set aside money into a savings account of sorts for stuff just like this. It’s not even included in their quarterly reports.

              I also noticed how you chose to directly ignore what I said about the features that Apple has copied from Android.

            2. Samsung didn’t invent any of that stuff. Samsung has never down anything but copy others’ products. They’re even being sued by Dyson.

              Are you trying to be comical? $1B is nothing to Samsung? Corporate savings accounts? Really? Better to keep your mouth shut and let people wonder if you’re an idiot than to open it and remove all doubt.

            3. Notice how I said “And let’s not forget about all the stuff Apple has copied from Android.” Android. Not Samsung. I don’t care what Samsung specific features might be ideas borrowed from Apple, because I don’t use OEM ROMs on my phones. I just find that Samsung tends to use the highest quality hardware when it comes to Android phones. Their ROMs are an absolute trainwreck, but again I never run OEM ROMs on my phones anyways.

  7. In the good old days we would have taken out the leader and each new leader until the opposition got the idea and stopped screwing with us.

    It was very efficient, back in the day.

  8. In other news, Samsung announced that they are suing Xiaomi for copying their method of copying Apple.
    In response, a Xiaomi spokesperson stated that they are not guilty of copying Samsung, they just took what they had and improved on their method of copying Apple. That’s totally different, we made it our own.

  9. Xiaomi copying Apple?
    Huh!…they even did a “One more thing…” at the launch.
    Any importer of these knockoffs should get their warehouses firebombed.
    Disclaimer: Arson is illegal….unfortunately.

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