Apple adds Vice Presidents, more diversity to Executive Leadership Team

“Apple today has expanded its Executive Leadership Team to include notable Apple Vice Presidents,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac. “The team shown on Apple’s official PR Bios website now includes Vice President of Special Projects Paul Deneve, Vice President of of Environmental Initiatives Lisa Jackson, Vice President and Dean of Apple University Joel Podolny, Vice President of Hardware Technologies Johny Srouji, and Vice President of Worldwide Human Resources Denise Young Smith.”

Gurman reports, “Interestingly, each of these positions is fairly new to Apple: Deneve joined from Yves Saint Laurent last year, Lisa Jackson moved over from the EPA last year, Joel Podolny went full-time on Apple University earlier this year, Young Smith was promoted to head of HR earlier this year, and Srouji became head of Hardware Technologies upon Bob Mansfield’s (second) role reduction last year.”

Much more in the full article here.


      1. Exactly. More idiocracy in the works. Let’s keep promoting people based on gender sex age and national origin instead of the best candidates. Let’s breed out intelligence experience and wisdom in the process.

        1. So u 3 are why affirmative action is needed, she was head of EPA and got a job at environmental initiatives, yet all u can see are the other things.

          1. She was lousy at EPA (and so too her policies). And was she not forced to resign over the use of private email to conduct official business (the better to shield from scrutiny)? Or am I thinking of another Obama appointee? In any event, I don’t see she adds anything positive to Apple’s leadership cadre.

  1. I worked at HP for most of my career and we had more Vice Presidents than printer sku’s. Apple should be careful, with too many VP’s you get to point where no single person can say yes to get something done, but a whole bunch of people can say no to stop something from getting done.

    1. They need to look at reducing management overhead. Next they’ll be adding the EVP of Shoehorns and Buttonhooks. It’s got to stay about the product. Saw several decidedly non-product job titles in that gaggle. When the table gets so crowded the product guys can’t find a place to sit maybe they’ll start skipping meetings and go get coffee together.

  2. What’s everyone complaining about?

    Apple even had a non human on the board, aka Eric “The Mole” Schmidt! (Though I’d personally classify him as a weasel and not a mole.)

    See how such diversity really worked out for Apple!

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