Apple likely prepping to release iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite simultaneously

“The release of iOS 8 will likely, as usual, coincide with the release of the next iPhone,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl. “New versions of OS X don’t necessarily coincide with the arrival of new Macs, but it is widely expected that Yosemite will arrive in late October.”

“Now there is a key reason why it makes sense to get iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite out the door at the same time, and that’s Continuity, which ties the two platforms closely together,” Steinberg writes. “If iOS 8 arrives first, a key feature of the two won’t be usable for weeks, and that might not only disappoint iPhone and iPad users who also have Macs, but would work against Apple’s marketing plan.”

“So far, the iOS 8 and Yosemite betas have come almost simultaneously, arriving on the same day, with predictable updates usually coming every two weeks,” Steinberg writes. “Some of the people I’ve talked to about this suggest that Apple would tolerate a month of Continuity incompatibility, but that wouldn’t make much sense from a marketing point of view. The feature is just too important.”

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  1. Do we really need a major new iOS version released every year just because there’s new hardware ?! NO! Stop this freaking insanity. It’s absurd. We don’t see this in the computer world. There is no justification for it outside of marketing BS reasons.

    1. Are you talking OSX yearly for free? Designed to stop working on older devices and computers — buy more, more, more. You can do it … Apple needs the money.


    2. It is not “absurd” and no one is forcing you to download the new versions. If you buy a new iPhone then, of course, the new version of iOS comes with it. If you want the new functions and your current iPhone supports the new version of iOS, then you can download it. Otherwise, you would be best off just pretending that it does not exist.

      Eventually iOS will be refined to the point that it will evolve very slowly and incrementally. But iOS is not that old, so don’t expect a significant slowdown in its development anytime soon.

    3. Fixed that for you: “Does ivid really need a major new iOS version released ever year?” You will have to answer that for yourself.

      As for the rest of us: “Yes”, “Yes, Please!”, “No!”, “No, well maybe”, “Probably”, “I don’t care but its nice”, “Yes”, “What?”, “Meh”, “Sometimes”, “For feature X I would update anytime!”, “Yes”, ….

      One big reason for regular incremental upgrades is that it provides new Apple customers with the best possible experience at the time of their first purchase.

  2. Sure! I mean, what could go wrong?
    (let’s not reflect on the Summer of 2008 rollout of Snow Leopard, MobileMe, and iPhone OS 2.0….no, let’s not…please!)

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