Apple+IBM is all good for the channel, enterprise users and consumers; bad news for beleaguered BlackBerry

“On July 15, IBM and Apple announced a new relationship that will ultimately mean wonders for the enterprise and consumers,” Don Reisinger writes for Channel Insider. “It also will show that while mobile handsets are a real concern for CIOs and IT decision-makers, with the right partnership and the right team, they can actually add quite a bit of value to the marketplace.”

“The deal underscores just how important the enterprise has become to mobile firms and why, in the coming years, the corporate world will benefit the most from the continued success of mobile device sales,” Reisinger writes. “According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the iPhone and iPad now have a combined 98 percent infiltration in Fortune 500 companies and 92 percent infiltration in the Global 500. It is perhaps those figures that made IBM realize that, to be successful in mobile, partnering with the company that’s replacing Blackberry might be the way to do it. In turn, Apple realized that, to sustain its success in the enterprise, it needs to have a show of force by partnering with a major company in that space: IBM.”

“For the channel, for enterprise users and for consumers, there’s no downside to a partnership between IBM and Apple,” Reisinger writes. “For BlackBerry, however, this spells trouble. The lingering companies sticking to BlackBerry technologies now have the best reason yet to play catch-up. And BlackBerry, by failing to partner with a trusted major company, and stubbornly believing that it can go it alone, is going to lose even more customers.”

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  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – in the future, looking back, this partnership will be the turning point in iOS and Mac adoption in the enterprise sphere.

  2. No critic, pundit or analyst has ever said anything about Apple getting any advantage whatsoever from the Apple/IBM alliance. Everyone, including Wall Street has issued a big yawn or a disinterested meh. No one seems to be exactly quaking in their boots. Mostly every move Apple has made into the enterprise has been greeted by derisive laughter.

    At this point, I would say it would be very difficult to get a handle on whether anything will come of this alliance. BlackBerry loss of the Ford contract to Apple would likely have been decided long before the Apple/IBM alliance was announced. Apple getting its foot in the door is fine, but to everyone that matters the near-term is a question mark and they’re treating it that way.

    With Apple, Wall Street always takes the let’s wait and see attitude and I mean the let’s wait and see how badly it FAILS attitude. I don’t remember anything Wall Street ever said about “let’s bake this in as a success for Apple from the get-go” like they would do for Google or Netflix.

    1. I’m thinking the Ford move only happened after Mullaly left Ford. He was a Microsoft guy and I’m sure was the driver behind signing up with Microsoft on Sync. Also, makes sense as he was seriously considered for MS CEO job.

  3. BlackBerry is too busy doing business with serious enterprise clients like the German government to worry about an alliance between Apple and IBM which which will always be a boardroom spat away from ending.

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