Apple’s Mac is en route to dominance

Last week, “Apple announced an incredible quarter with strong revenue growth being driven by the iPhone and, yes indeed, the Mac,” Sean Chandler writes for Seeking Alpha. “I believe that the Mac is a highly underestimated product at Apple, and previously, I have even written about the Mac’s potential in dominating the PC market. Mac revenue grew 13% annually and is now right on the iPad’s tail, as it trails around 6% lower, a figure that was 30% lower one year ago.”

“For Apple’s third quarter, fiscal year 2014, it announced that the Mac generated record June quarter sales with year-over-year unit sales and revenue growth in spite of the declining PC market,” Chandler writes. “For the quarter, Apple sold 4,413 [million] units, which includes the purchase of my very first Mac two months ago. Unit sales growth was up by an attractive 7% sequentially and 18% year-over-year, again, in spite of a soft PC market.”

“Apple’s unmatched ecosystem in addition to the incredible computers it makes are currently driving forces that will continue to drive future growth,” Chandler writes. “Despite being the starting core of Apple, the Mac is still in its adolescent stage, targeting an industry that’s in a steady decline. PCs are long-term investments that aren’t replaced at anywhere near the rate of cell phones and their two-year contracts. It will be a long-term journey faced with challenges, but at the rate it’s traveling, I believe that the Mac will unquestionably continue to grow, and maybe even dominate.”

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