Dell, BlackBerry scoff at threat from Apple-IBM alliance

“IBM Corp’s recent move to partner with Apple Inc to sell iPhones and iPads loaded with corporate applications has excited investors in both companies, but two rivals say they are unperturbed for now,” Euan Rocha and Alastair Sharp report for Reuters.

“Top executives at Dell and BlackBerry Ltd scoffed at the threat posed by the alliance this week, arguing the tie-up is unlikely to derail the efforts of their own companies to re-invent themselves,” Rocha and Sharp report. “‘I do not think that we take the Apple-IBM tie-up terribly seriously. I think it just made a good press release,’ John Swainson, who heads Dell’s global software business, said in an interview with Reuters in Toronto on Thursday.”

“PC maker Dell and smartphone maker BlackBerry are in the midst of reshaping their companies around software and services, as the needs of their big corporate clients morph,” Rocha and Sharp report. “BlackBerry Chief Executive John Chen similarly downplayed the threat of the alliance in an interview with the Financial Times on Thursday, likening the tie-up to when ‘two elephants start dancing.'”

“Chen told the Financial Times that BlackBerry was in early discussions with some companies about working together in parts of the enterprise market, but did not name them,” Rocha and Sharp report. “Whether a BlackBerry-Dell partnership will materialize is unclear for now.”

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MacDailyNews Take: What is it about Apple’s hapless roadkill that compels them to repeatedly insert their feet into their mouths? Beleaguered Dell has nothing and smooshed BlackBerry has even less.

Apple+IBM vs. Dell-BlackBerry would be like all-stars from the Red Sox+Yankees vs. the Kansas City Blues-Houston Buffaloes, two defunct minor league teams.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Stereotype” for the heads up.]

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    1. Yes, but they fell in a hole and are whistling while reeding R.I.P. Dell and RIMM.

      Remember the Dodo birds. They saw no problems either. Just kept sticking their heads up to see what was there. Boom!

    2. I was just going to post that. I envision a Gahan Wilson cartoon with a well dressed couple nervously whistling past a graveyard with a couple of unspeakably hideous monsters walking behind them on the verge of a snack.

    1. How about a hockey analogy based on one of Steve Job’s favourite quotes: Apple-IBM are skating to where the puck is going while DELL-BBRY are moving toward where it has been

  1. “scoffed at the threat posed by the alliance this week”..
    They never learn.
    If they fell treat or not they should keep it to them self because if it turns out Apple-IBM alliance does derail their business, they are going to look like idiots just like when Microsoft, Motorola, Palm and RIM laughter about the iPhone.

    1. Practically anything Apple does that has to do with business is laughed at by the industry. The incumbent parties are fairly certain there’s no immediate danger from the Apple/IBM alliance to their current enterprise businesses. It’s not as though things are going to change overnight. Apple/IBM are now out there but those corporations make changes at glacial speeds. I’d hardly think they’re going to throw out all their old devices and buy iPads. Those corporate types don’t think like that. IT needs to be conservative when making changes. It will be trial after trial done a little bit at a time. Maybe in a couple of years we’ll see some results.

  2. IBM/Apple alliance is no different from many business deals that IBM consummates. The deal allows for IBM to manage classes of applications that access IBM’s big data resources. By allowing IBM to access private APIs, Apple is endorsing the idea that it’s good to have IBM in its camp. but, the deal matters little to Dell and Blackberry. Dell isn’t a mobile player, blackberry will rely more and more on its messaging service deployed to other platforms (and may or may not survive because of it). The IBM/Apple deal has nothing to do with these companies

  3. “We’ve learned and struggled for a few years here figuring out how to make a decent enterprise products,” he said. “Apple and IBM are not going to just figure this out. They’re not going to just walk in.”

  4. It is like 2 deer in the headlights. “Top executives at Dell and BlackBerry Ltd scoffed at the threat posed by the alliance …” They have no vision and can’t see anything coming.

    iRoadKill for sure.

  5. Like a boxer in trouble- laughing it off. Blackberry in particular is breathing its last. Dell has always been synonymous with cheap crap, dependent upon Microsoft. If Apple didn’t exist, these two companies would still be on the bottom of my list- they can’t compete in even their own turf.

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