Steve Jobs wins: Apple takes first steps toward IBM acquisition

“Steve Jobs once flew a pirate flag over Apple headquarters to signify his defiance toward the computer establishment and, specifically, industry leader IBM,” Will Stabley writes for Stabley Times. “Now his successor Tim Cook has struck a wide reaching deal with what’s left of IBM, which has exited the personal computer business entirely and now focuses on selling solutions to corporate enterprise customers. The move gives IBM the legitimacy of being able to sell its products for use on the popular iPhone and iPad, while it gives Apple a free ride into the enterprise space where it’s long struggled. But more importantly, it means Steve Jobs wins, because it’s the first step toward Apple acquiring IBM itself.”

“The deal essentially makes IBM the world’s most powerful third party developer of iPad and iPhone apps, and ensures that IBM can hang onto its relevant position in enterprise as corporate computing increasingly shifts from desktop and laptop PCs to tablets and smartphones,” Stabley writes. “If the partnership works out well, Apple’s next logical move will be to bring IBM entirely in house, both to ensure greater integration between hardware and software – something which Apple’s operating philosophy is based on – and in order to edge the Android based competition out of the IBM mix. That means an Apple-IBM merger at some point down the road, and based on relative market cap, it would be Apple doing the acquiring.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Specious.

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      1. Exactly. And why did MDN bother to give this knucklehead publicity by linking to him?

        For that matter, why did we even bother to read such idiotic click bait?

        MDN: please do better than this. Please.

  1. The Mac group flew the Jolly Roger in defiance of Apple’s core, which didn’t want to waste time and resources on the Mac. The only “computer establishment” they were showing defiance to was the Apple II group who was the firm’s cash cow at the time.

  2. I am not so sure that this won’t happen. If thing as I think it will. IBM will come to depend solely on Apple for survival, at which time a merger will become imminent.

  3. Umm If Apple wanted to own IBM wouldn’t they just write a check?

    I suspect closer to reality is, IBM is good at what they do and Apple has no interest in ‘taking them over’.

    For all the crap that gets sent T. Cooks way, he is a shrewd piece of work. On paper Apple + IBM is Win(big)/Win(big), why fix what isn’t broke?

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