Rush Limbaugh’s favorite feature returned to latest iOS 8 beta

Among other things during his radio program, Mac, iPhone, and iPad user Rush Limbaugh recently discussed Apple and iOS 8, revealing his favorite iOS feature and his fear of it being removed from the shipping version of iOS 8. That fear has now been alleviated as the feature is back in Apple’s latest beta.

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From the live on-air transcript:

Okay. Attention those of you who listen to this program who happen to report what happens on this program when I say something about Apple, iPhone, iPad, iOS: If you report it to a really great blog called, you need to tell ’em that I was wrong. My favorite feature has been put back in iOS 8 in the new beta.

Rush Limbaugh - iOS 8I’m like a kid on Christmas morning. My favorite feature been put back, and I didn’t think it would be. I don’t know why, it’s one of those things I became pessimistic about, but it’s back, hopefully it stays, but I must say that I was wrong about it.

By the way, the MacDailyNews blog, I never did specify exactly what was taken out and what is now put back in because there’s a nondisclosure agreement that you must sign if you participate in the beta program. I did not specify what was taken out and I’ve never explained it to you… But I just wanted to correct the record. I was wrong. They did put it back in and I think it’s even been improved.

And, for those of you curious, try entering a calendar event an hour or two ahead, fake it, make up a lunch event, find a restaurant, put the address in there and then see if it shows up in the Next Destination section of the notification center, the Today section, see if it’s there, and you’ll see what I mean.

MacDailyNews Take: Oh, so that’s where that Monday afternoon traffic surge came from. Welcome new readers and thanks for the mentions, Rush!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]

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      1. Thanks for the welcome. I bought it online from the Apple site, there is only one store in my state and I didn’t feel like driving that far. I ordered it Wed. and got it Friday (shipped from Memphis, TN). In all the years I have been using computers this is the first time I ever described one as being beautiful and the MBA certainly is. I am enjoying the heck out of my new MBA!

  1. I despise that pompous sexist pig, and it is disgusting how MDN takes his money and sucks on his butt. My “favourite/” favorite quote- his remarks about Chelsea Clinton. Real classy guy, targeting children. Pretty much everything he says and the way he says it is despicable and embarrassing. Liberlas don’t listen to AM radio- the rightwingers have cornered that market. And in terms of equating quantity with quality- check out today’s pop music top 40. 10 million idiots can be wrong.

  2. I don’t get it. How the fsck is this relevant news?

    Who cares what that fat, stupid, bigoted, idiot who spews hatred and ignorance to a clusterfsck of complete and utter douchebag followers, thinks?

    1. As if the statement, “stupid, bigoted idiot who spews hatred and ignorance to a clusterfsck of complete and utter douchebag followers” isn’t stupid, bigoted, idiocy spewing hatred and ignorance, you complete and utter douchebag clusterfsck.

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