Is Apple’s Mac really invading the enterprise sector?

“According to a market study by Good Technology, the iPad owns 90-plus percent of the enterprise tablet market,” Charles Moore writes for Technology Tell. “However, it’s not just iOS that’s making inroads on erstwhile Microsoft turf these days. VMware’s VP of Marketing, End-User Computing Erik Frieberg contends in a blog that Microsoft Windows’s decades-long dominance of the enterprise desktop environment is coming to an end, thanks to corporate BYOPC and BYOD policies transforming enterprise computing ecosystems, and Macs having become a popular and preferred option compared to Windows PCs.”

“However, InformationWeek’s Michael Endler cautions against unwarranted exuberance in the Mac community based on this and a few other recent surveys pointing to Apple gaining ground in enterprise IT,” Moore writes. “Endler acknowledges that Apple is making some progress on that front, but emphasizes that projections predicting that Macs will supplant Windows PCs in the workplace are premature, noting that Windows still holds over 90 percent of the market, and OS X having actually lost share so far in 2014. In April, Apple reported its fiscal second-quarter earnings that included 4.14 million Mac sales, a slight increase year-over-year during an interval when the overall PC industry was shrinking.”

“On the other hand, Endler notes that VMware’s findings echo several similar reports,” Moore writes, “including a survey of 309 IT pros by JAMF Software, in which 90 percent of respondents indicated their company supports iOS devices, and some 60% affirmed support for Macs; the above-mentioned market study by Good Technology showing the iPad owning 90-plus percent of the enterprise tablet market; the research firm Forrester reporting an uptick in enterprise Mac adoption in a June interview with InformationWeek.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s going to take a lot of shoveling to make a dent in Microsoft’s mountain of shit, but the fecal pile that is Windows is definitely shrinking. As more and more companies embrace BYOD and as the human roadblock of MCSE-certified IT doofuses age out and are replaced with new, open-minded blood (raised on iPhones, iPods, iPads, and Macs, no less), Microsoft’s putrid load will be removed with ever-increasing speed.

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  1. Is Apple’s Mac really invading the enterprise sector?

    I’m sorry to be inspired to snotiness, but this is an silly question without a sensible yes or no answer.

    The fact is, as I can attest as a former employee of the enterprise sector, that Macs has CONSTANTLY been used with the enterprise albeit on a limited basis due to various ignorant influences. There is therefore no new ‘invasion’. Instead, there is an INCREASE in use of Macs in the enterprise sector.

    Some alternative words to ‘invaded’:
    – Expanded
    – Amplified
    – Elevated
    – Heightened
    – Magnified
    – Strengthened
    – Widened
    – Broadened
    – Intensified
    – Inspired
    – Revelational
    – Enlightening
    … I love my thesaurus. 😉

    1. Get them while they are young. People make decisions & develop efficient habits in high school & college and then carry those decisions into the workplace.

      Look at what successful students are using. I detect an overwhelming amount of Macs, including those running various flavors of Windows.

      1. Part of the situation is that, amidst the marvel of human diversity, there are people who depend up on what they’re taught in high school and college in order to deal with something that is not one of their natural skills: Technology. Those of us who have that natural skill are a minority. It’s possible to retrain many people to understand and use superior technology. And then there are those, which includes many of we technogeeks as we age, who are never going to learn anything different from their old knowledge and habits. Therefore, it’s important to keep such people and mind and do our best to compensate. I snarkily call this the ‘LUSER Factor’, but that’s not really a fair summary of the situation. I’m trying to break that habit. 😉

  2. ‘…that projections predicting that Macs will supplant Windows PCs in the workplace are premature…’

    Always good to state an imaginary scenario so that you can ‘look good’ blowing it away. I can’t imagine anyone or any projection is actually claiming to say that Macs will eventually supplant Windows in the commercial sector otherwise 2 periods of a .2 share gain or similar in anything could be deemed to show an eventual majority share for any given product or a similar decline eventual extinction of it. Seems they are simply trying to demean others work by implication through using a lie of their own making.

  3. I have told this story before, but it bears repeating. And it’s a long post, but it’s worth reading.

    Back in the (very) early 80’s, when I was still using PDP-11’s and VAXen, a friend of mine introduced me to his brand-new IBM PC. At this stage, IBM was the day’s Microsoft, and Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), makers of the PDP-11 and VAX, were the day’s Apple.

    But what the computer could do was impressive for the time. I examined it more closely, with the intention of reading more about it in the industry journals that weekly clogged my (physical) mailbox, email being something that at the time only myself and other pioneers were experimenting with.

    IBM has always been in love with 4-digit model numbers, but when I saw the model number of this IBM PC, I couldn’t stop laughing for about 5 minutes, because the model number was “5150.”

    Why is that funny, you ask? I had at the time been involved in public safety for a bit over 8 years, and section 5150 of the California Welfare and Institutions Code is well-known to everyone in California public safety; even the term “5150” is used to describe a person that might fit the bill.

    The section begins:

    “5150. (a) When a person, as a result of a mental health disorder, is a danger to others, or to himself or herself…”

    The association was just too funny. That day, I forever swore off IBM PCs, and by extension DOS and Windows.

    1. That very day you swore off PCs because of an ominous bit of numerology hidden in state law?? That has to be one of the strangest superstitions ever.

  4. This is wishful thinking. BYOD will not significantly increase the number of Mac devices in the enterprise because Mac devices cost 4 times as much as Windows machines. iPads are one thing, because iPads pretty much replace the “second computer” in most households, which is generally going to be a Windows laptop. But MacBooks START at $1200 when Windows laptops start at $300, and even the good ones with decent processors, memory and screen size start at $500. (Also, Chromebooks, which a lot of people are switching to, start at $250.) Because of this, Apple has only about 10% to 20% of the PC market, even if you include the affluent, educated people that are relevant to enterprise business computing.

    So this isn’t iPad versus Android tablets or even iPhone versus Android phones here. This is Windows PCs (more likely laptops) versus Apple computers (more likely MacBooks) and so long as Windows dominates the PC market, BYOD will not alter the enterprise market share. Only getting companies to purchase Macs for their employees would do so, and even there the cost would prohibit a Mac for anyone other than those who absolutely need them for high powered tasks like IT, CAD, programming etc. And even there, while Macs may be better, Windows PCs are still very capable and therefore it is difficult to justify the added expense.

    As far as the servers thing go … that is not always the case. Again, cost is a factor, and SQL Server is cheaper than Oracle and simply superior to MySQL, and most enterprises are not going to go the unsupported open source database route for anything critical. Handling enterprise user accounts? Sorry, while Linux products and other offerings exist, nothing beats Active Directory for that. Which brings up another issue: if you are going to get a Windows server for user accounts anyway, most folks are going to use the Windows server for other server functions instead of having to support one vendor for user accounts, another for database, another for web server, another for corporate communications etc. It costs more in terms of hardware, software licenses, support, IT people etc.

    Sorry, but whatever happens to Microsoft in terms of home/personal computing at the hands of iPads, Chromebooks, Android devices (yes companies have begun to sell Android laptops and more are on the way) they will remain a major player in enterprise computing along with Oracle, Red Hat etc. That is precisely why Natella is shifting company resources and emphasis there, to the point of selling Android phones (Nokia X and soon Nokia Lumina) in order to make money off their enterprise and cloud offerings on the back end.

  5. “open-minded blood ”

    That’s hilarious! Apple fans are least open minded folks around. They sing a one note song, and anyone who dares stray from the cult is shamed an ridiculed. And whoever writes the “MacDailyNews Take” is about as closed-minded as they come. Apple could create an empty soup can and MDN would praise it as long as it was “Made by Apple”. I can see it now: “The can was formed by an innovative Sapphire Glass blowing process that creates an object of beauty and strength. Lighter than all other soup cans, it is transparent and can be used as a solar collector when empty, proving once again that only Apple can save the planet and feed it too”.

    1. I can see it now too, thanks to you.

      With your untrammeled imagination you would make a great Apple hire. They need more magnificent fools like you, the better to delude millions into giving them all their money. You have a bright future in marketing.

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