Apple releases video highlighting employee participation in San Francisco’s LGBT Pride Parade

Apple has released a video on the company’s YouTube channel that highlights Apple employees’ participation in the San Francisco Pride Parade.

Apple’s video description reads:

On June 29, thousands of Apple employees and their families marched in the San Francisco Pride Parade.

They came from around the world — from cities as far as Munich, Paris, and Hong Kong — to celebrate Apple’s unwavering commitment to equality and diversity.

Because we believe that inclusion inspires innovation.

Direct link to video here.

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  1. All these morons saying how they have stopped supporting Apple due to the public showing of the stances it has ALWAYS privately shown to their employees. Yet here they are on MacDailyNews posting their drivel. Yup. Way to go on showing the world that you have moved on from Apple.

    1. I’m sure we could find similar professions of disgust and outrage at the times when women were agitating to be able to vote, when blacks agitated to be treated as equal members of society, and more.

      1. Yup. Same ignorance and hatred on display, the only difference being that they now have a far more wide-spread platform to express their disgusting attitudes. Occasionally, MDN sees fit to delete the more noxious posts.

          1. I know right! Freedom of speech except for those who disagree with me! We can just marginalize them by calling them bigots and haters and we can get laws put in place that condemn their thoughts and opinions as hate speech. Tolerate everyone except the intolerant!

  2. As an ally, it is amazing to see how far Pride has come from the beginnings. Pride comes from remembrance of the thuggish NYPD raid on a gay bar in a time when it was not hip, cool or fashionable to be GLBTQ and could land you in jail. It wasn’t joining a friendly party- it was standing up against the hate, the threats of violence and the discrimination and demanding a place at the table. Like many other groups throughout American history, they went out and claimed their rightful place long denied by the intolerant.

    Pride is a very American story and like many great stories, it has spread around the world. One day even the conservatives will come out of the closet long enough to realize that if Jesus were in San Francisco on June 29, 2014, he would have been in the parade walking with everyone else. Take it from an agnostic.

    Apple has a record of being a workplace friendly to GLBT people long before it was fashionable to do so or to say so. They also did not hide it from those who might not appreciate it. Good for all who participated.

    1. Actually, if you knew Jesus, you would know that he associated with sinners who were humble and knew that they were in need of a physician and not with the proud and stiff necked people who thought they were fine. No, the Jesus of the Bible wouldn’t be walking in a Pride parade.

      “Pride comes before destruction, and an arrogant spirit before a fall.”

  3. “proud and stiff necked people who thought they were fine” — Please go and give that message to all the christian right-wingers who think their way is THE only way to live.

    Quoting a bronze-age book, authored by many different people over a huge stretch of time, is not the answer to how to live or how humans can flourish. E.g. Batshit-Crazy Bachmann’s answer to the problems besetting the planet: “It doesn’t matter because Jesus will be back soon.”

    As one comedian put it, “Yes he will. And, boy, is he going to be pissed off when he sees how you’ve messed up his house.”

    The Middle East used to be, as I’m sure you know, an incredible area of learning. Societies stagnated utterly as religious fundamentalism took greater and greater hold. Now they blame the West, but it is their blind adherence to their book as the ultimate authority that has done it.

    A similar phenomenon is seen today on a smaller scale in the US, where the most ignorant states are the most religious. The Vatican has its own observatory – world class. The peculiar brand of ignorant, anti-science fundamentalism that infects the US is unique among western nations and is profoundly dangerous.

    1. I agree with you that there are proud and stiff-necked religious people as well. What it really comes down to as you have pointed out is ultimate authority. Who/what is our ultimate authority?

      1. “Who/what is our ultimate authority?”

        I would suggest there are three possible answers, each given by various groups of people:

        1. The literal word of god, given in some book or oral tradition and to be obeyed precisely and literally.
        Since there are hundreds, if not thousands, of possibilities, it’s a bit silly for each one to claim it’s The Truth and all others are lies, distortions or mistakes.

        2. The word of god, to be interpreted and applied by human judgement.
        In that case, I would suggest what is going on is that the authority is us. Interpretations of the bible have changed drastically through the ages and, I am VERY sure, will continue to change drastically. So #2 is ultimately and really the same as #3.

        3. A continuing evolution of human society towards greater civilization through through discourse.
        Humans know what makes life better for all of us. The trend over history is towards greater justice and benefits for all members of society. Humans’ desired to make that so is our ultimate authority. We don’t need a big, bad, nasty, violent sky-daddy to judge and horribly punish us to make progress on this.

        You don’t believe in Odin, Zeus, Krishna, Amaterasu, Huitzilopochtli and a vast host of other gods. They say their gods are real because their book says so. I disagree. I don’t think that’s enough of a reason. And I just believe in one less than you.

  4. I’ll never understand why religious people are so hateful…and always only towards the lgbt community. Especially since god probably doesn’t exist. So we have “adults” with an insane feverish belief in some god that never proves he exists demanding people to be homophobic. If being gay/lesbian etc is such a bad thing, then conjure up your god, demand that he shows his face right now, and set the record straight. Until then, It’s great seeing a company like Apple celebrating the diversity of its people, and sending a message of acceptance/inclusion. Tim Cook is a great CEO, and makes the company great in other ways than Steve, who knew what he was doing when he chose his successor.

    1. Now look! I’m getting a little miffed here. I am the almighty God, to whom creating the whole universe was less effort than the single sneeze of a mouse. But even so:
      – I am REALLY preoccupied with which bits of their bodies specific people touch against which bits of certain other people.
      – Contrary to the Monty Python skit, I DO want lots of groveling.
      – And, okay, okay, I have an inordinate love of beetles. I think I’ve created about 200,000 species at this point. Even for me, it’s hard to keep track. So what!? You got a problem with that?

    2. 1. Saying that something is against God’s law does not equal hatred. If I said you broke the law by running a red light does that mean I hate you?

      2. Saying that homosexuality is against God’s law does not equal homophobia. If I said you broke the law by running a red light does that mean I’m afraid of red light runners?

      3. God has set the record straight via the Scriptures which is His Word to us until He returns. He is God we don’t tell him what to do or demand that He show himself. He has revealed Himself through creation and through His Son and through His Word.

      4. Tim Cook is a great CEO

  5. Well, the essence is you think it’s god’s law because you have a book that says it’s god’s law. As I said, there are a huge number of other traditions that have the same justification.

    The other possible “proof” of supernatural authority is miracles. That is also claimed by numerous other traditions, past and current.

    You don’t believe any of their claims.
    So I just believe one less tradition than you do.

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