The OS X Yosemite report: A Mac is still a Mac

“One of my long-time support clients sent me an email while the WWDC keynote was being streamed around the world,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl. “Her reaction to the first demonstration of OS X Yosemite? ‘Yuk!’ To her, the Mac would no longer be a Mac, but some offshoot of an iPad, and she didn’t want any part of it.”

“Now to be fair, you can’t tell the book by the cover and all, so a new face doesn’t necessarily mean that the world has come to an end. But some people are resistant to change, and OS X Yosemite has more changes than just about any Mac operating system in memory. And my memory of Macs goes back to the 1980s,” Steinberg writes. “Yes, I suppose you can brand the original OS X release as a sea change. The Aqua interface was different all right, but the new OS was bare of features, and, until apps became compatible, I didn’t use it all that much at first after the books and magazine articles were written. It took several releases before I went to it full time.”

“Some journalists and any member of Apple’s $99 per year developer program have been able to download a Yosemite Developer Preview since June 2. Apple has also loosened the NDA so developers can talk and write about it, but they cannot write reviews or post screenshots, and I will do neither,” Steinberg writes. “I’ve seen enough, however, to be assured that my client’s fears are unfounded. While the interface, inspired by iOS 7, is the first major change since 10.0, it’s still a Mac through and through.”

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    1. It is also amazing how quickly a new UI element to get imbedded into my brain so it becomes automatic.

      I’ve seen it happen so many times, I don’t worry about the UI.

      I spend most time “inside” the apps I use, and they change slowly over time, too.

  1. People keep saying I should come up with some reason for my never ending call for a new CEO at the once great company. In case you are not paying attention to what has happened since the Steve Jobs era ended, take a look at the WWDC announcements (that this article struggles to justify) and you will see the latest support for my position. Tim Cook is methodically dumbing down what used to be Apple Computer, Inc. in favor of the pop culture of mobile gadgets. Thus, you have a company that caters to a completely disloyal, fickle, and sophomoric class of consumers. Samsung offers more features and much sooner than Cook rolls out and thus proves over and over that Apple Inc. is no longer interested in the robust pro market for serious persons, corporations, and governments. So, AAPL languishes in the doldrums when it could be soaring. Now, what better justification could you possibly want to get rid of the hapless Tim Cook who promises “great products” and delivers dumbed down updates to the OS’s instead. Even the useless board of directors, spoiled and blinded by the wealth they have accumulated ought to realize they could all be contributing more to the betterment of society by distributing from their much larger wealth untold if only they would do what they should do and put this company under the leadership of someone capable of seizing its full potential.

    1. My god, macho men get so hot and bothered when you take away their faux leather, linen and glossy buttons. Like they think a gay CEO and abstracted flower icon will suddenly make them gay as well. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

      Simmer down boys, Tim Cook, iOS 8 and Yosemite are just fine, you can still pretend to like women, you’re all safe.

    2. Possibly the dumbest thing I have read here in a while. I have to disagree with you here. My computers are no dumber for running OS X 10.9. I think they even survived the Yosemite test drive. Yet, these machines are more sophisticated and powerful than any of my previous setups.

      The goal of modern computing is tho make the machine transparent to the user.

      If in ten years we are still using the same interface paradigms as we are today, then we have not moved the experience any farther down the road.

      How would you deal with beating your clothes against a rock to clean them as opposed to a modern washing machine. A computing experience is only partially based on interface conventions.

    3. Wow Apple should be more like Samsung or did I misinterpret your sorrowful, myopic dribble. My tears perhaps obscured my view or more likely it was the same old fact less meandering rant that clearly time having lapsed since the WWDC you think you can foolishly get away with. The fact that my tears, like most others, were of laughter makes that extremely unlikely however other than the usual suspects. You are now more than ever a near lone voice squawking pointlessly in the wind when what is against you is a whirlwind of real underlying progress, but then you have to have vision to see it. You cry for the loss of SJ when the likes of you would be despised by him as that dull, mindless relic of an older age who just cannot see the future, nor realities of change but instead unwaveringly seeks some mythical Disneyworld of irrational quick fix wonder. Thankfully you have no influence nor should you and your ilk have, for that would be the true demise of Apple, not the administration of Cook.

    4. “Samsung offers more features and much sooner than Cook rolls out and thus proves over and over that Apple Inc”

      Yeah, right. Short and sweet. Mac vs ANY Samsung laptop/desktop. Nuff said…………

    5. Look at Samsung’s feeble attempt at adding fingerprint recognition and say “Samsung offers more features” with a straight face. Samsung adds features solely to make their feature list take up more room, with complete disregard for user experience. Apple should use them as an example? HA!

    6. Jay, you’re always bitching about the “great products in the pipeline” quote, but you’ve NEVER been able to suggest WHAT products would restore your faith. Please, be VERY specific, not just “something that blows my mind”.

      Oh well… enjoy your Samsung “products”, whatever they may be.

    7. Just reading Jay’s bullshit post has meant there’s two minutes of my life I can never get back.
      Jay, your mommy’s calling, time for bed.

    8. lol, I’m glad Samsung are around but they offer Android which I’ve just tried on a Note 3 for 5 months, thought I see and gave my girlfriend my iPhone 5s, and will be returning to iPhone. Can they offer Desktop and integrated really well with mobile. No they have Windows for ‘Real Work’ and Android for mobile. Is this better than iOS and OSX, I think not and going forward this connectivity and seamless integration is only going to get better, in a way that Android and Windows will never be, they will never play nicely for too many obvious reasons. Then add a watch and only Apple have the foundations to build a truly connected and seamless transition between a tablet, a powerhouse machine a phone and a watch to come. I’m amazed people don’t see this strategy, MS does but I believe has too many hurdles to solve to win the first 10 rounds which equates to about 20 years. The future is that OS and software will be developed by the same provider in the same way Apple does. HP get this and are building their own OS, let’s hope they have more staying power this time around. I think the market is only but enough for 2, maybe 3 and I think that’s down to MS, Apple and Google. I would not be investing in PC manufacturers as I believe they will go the same way as book and DVD rental shops… Hey but what do I know, I’m just an optimist…

  2. “my never ending call”

    Sigh. Groan. Yes, indeed. We’ve all seen it, jay… soooooooooooooo many times. It’s not any more convincing now than it was on time #137.

  3. You people don’t really want an adult evaluation of what’s happening with the once great company. No, you just want to blindly whoop and holler when the hapless Tim Cook takes the WWDC stage and announces a routine update which is often nothing more than the ones that happen automatically with a simple message that pops up to inform me that something was fixed or some new feature was added.

    Pathetic lemmings. Tim doesn’t really have to do anything to keep you whooping and hollering. So, that’s what we get. Enjoy your gadgets. I’ll run my Mac Pro, wish for it to be all it should be, and you can KMA.

    BTW… I don’t own anything Samsung except for a Blu Ray player – a piece of crap that I’ve exchanged twice in order to get one that works. Sometimes.

    1. You are ludicrous, jay… portraying your incessantly repeated rant as “adult” and an “evaluation”.

      And doubly ludicrous as promoting yourself as the “adult” voice with “pathetic lemmings”, “KMA”, “piece of crap”, etc.

      Obviously, your opinion is, by and large, not taken seriously (to say the least), and you view us as lemmings… so why don’t you stop wasting your time and ours? At a minimum, stop posting the same stuff over and over. Maybe even go away and enjoy your life.

    2. Yeah, well, Jay, the thing is, we don’t get any kind of adult evaluation from you, just red-faced, childish tantrums.
      I can just picture you, face down on the flour, kicking and banging your fists, red-faced, tears and snot all over the floor, while your mom just shrugs and rolls her eyes.
      When I want adult evaluation, I’ll go to hannahjs.

  4. That’s right. A DVD player in spite of Jobs’ declaration a decade ago that people don’t use DVD’s any more. I’ve a giant movie collection and I use a DVD player all the time. I also am not going to buy an iTunes movie from Tim just to watch it once on my fairly decent Apple TV – (another mobile device that could be 100 times better than it is). Nor am I going to rent one from him for $6 when I can get four for that price at the Red Box about three minutes down the street from my home theater. It’s not that I don’t have the $6, it’s the principle of buying something from an unqualified CEO who has amazed such great wealth from a legion of lemmings who just sit around waiting for the latest update and cheer like some foreigner just drove a ball off his head into a giant net. Geez you people are so ridiculous.

    1. You can have all my old DVDs…and all my DVD-rs that sit unused. Even the blu-Ray movies I have will probably never be inserted into a player again. There’s just too much content out there, most of it free, and life is too short to spend weeks just keeping up with it. It’s amazing how nice sun on one’s face feels when you realize “enough f*cking tv” and there’s a real world out there.

    2. Jay,
      I like to think that you feel you have a valid direction of thought. And perhaps you do…. for you. You want Apple to be like the Apple of old, the under dog, the scrapper with everyone worried about price. Cool….

      But you are worrying about a 4$ difference in product. Apple is working with decisions involving 40,000,000,000$ difference, a world wide system of delivering and complying with international rules.
      And that is the difference.
      Apple is now the WORLD leader in building computing devices.
      Apple is now the world leader in profit making. Profit used to make great new advances in technology, and products that last 10-15 years of great service. (2005 man mini still roams the internet just fine. OK youtube 720p videos are a real problem, but it still runs DVD movies to the screen just fine. )

      Its a different world Jay, and it will keep changing. Sapphire screens, haptic feedback, fingerprint security for purchases, etc.

      Dude, Apple is moving on big time. Its OK to complain about specific items or even maybe a general direction, but the days when Apple is going to KMA of an individual user who likes the old days is very long gone. Sorry.

  5. Sorry, but the biggest change to the OS in both looks and functionality was from 9 to 10. People are exaggerating this immense changes in this update, UI-wise.

    Not sure I like the new Mac OS face, but the new features – especially Continuity – are well worth it. And that’s just based on what I saw and nothing else.

    And before some asshole chimes in about “Well, you can do this on Android already,” the Palm Pre had this kind of stuff, too. Something tells me WebOS was light years better than Android, but didn’t have the backing.

    1. TtT,
      Yep, I remember working on OS 7,8, and 9. The really bad old days.. LOL But for the time it was ground breaking.

      And there are things I do not like on the current OS and iOS, but hey, its light years ahead of everything else.

      Just saying.

      1. Calling all whiners and tantrum throwers… please note the elder’s wonderful point:
        “And there are things I do not like on the current OS and iOS, but hey, its light years ahead of everything else.”

        The illogic in your ravings is simply that Apple could never do something that would completely please just one hundred people, never mind one hundred million. So don’t expect to like every little point of everything Apple does.

        By all means, deliver specific concrete ideas for improvement. But enough of the histrionics — “I’ve been betrayed”, “Apple is arrogant”, “Apple is the new Microsoft”, and so on.

        So get over it. Accept there are points you won’t like. Is Mac much better to use than Winblows? Yes. Is the range and ease-of use of iOS better than anything else? Yes. Is the integration of all Apple products and software way ahead of anyone else? Yes.

        So relax and enjoy. Or please go buy Windows and Android.

        1. Go to Macintosh HD/System/Library/CoreServices. Find the Finder app, click on it and hit ⌘I (get info). Click on the Finder icon in the upper left of the window, hit ⌘C to copy it. Now find or create a folder somewhere, do a get info, click on its icon on the upper left and hit ⌘V.

          Now you’ve got a backup copy of the current icon and you can paste it onto the Yosemite Finder when that shows up.

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