Apple’s iOS 8, OS X Yosemite ‘Continuity’ threatens Microsoft’s Windows

“Earlier this month, at its Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple unveiled the next version of its Mac operating system: OS X Yosemite,” Sam Mattera writes for The Motley Fool. “Yosemite includes a number of helpful features, many of which will benefit all owners of Apple’s computers. But not everyone will be able to take advantage of everything Yosemite brings to the table — in order to do so, Mac users will also need to own Apple’s mobile devices. Collectively, Apple refers to Yosemite’s iOS integration as ‘Continuity.'”

“Continuity is composed of a number of individual features that allow Apple’s iPhones and iPads to work well with Apple’s Macs,” Mattera writes. “Examples include Handoff (allowing iPhone owners to do things like compose an email on their phone, then quickly finish it on their Mac) and call integration (letting Mac owners receive and respond to phone calls from their computer).”

“Many owners of Apple’s Macs also own Apple’s mobile devices, but many buyers of Apple’s mobile devices don’t own a Mac. According to a recent survey from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, just one-quarter of the consumers who recently purchased an iPad owned a Mac, and only 28% of iPhone buyers had an Apple-made PC,” Mattera writes. “Given the relative market share of Microsoft’s Windows, it’s likely that many iPhone owners use a Windows-powered PC. As Continuity rolls out this fall, and Apple continues to support it, Windows PC owners that have an iPhone or iPad could eventually be enticed to make the switch.”

Mattera writes, “Google won’t be able to match Apple’s Handoff right away, but intends to eventually offer something similar.”

MacDailyNews Take: Smirk. Yeah, okay.

Mattera writes, “Google announced that it will bring Android apps to Chrome OS at some unspecified future date — and when it does, apps installed on the Chromebook could easily interface with the apps on the owner’s Android-powered handset.”

MacDailyNews Take: “Could… at some unspecified future date,” like the first Tuesday after never.

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MacDailyNews Take:

As we have always said, even as many short-sightedly waved (and continue to wave) the white flag, the war is not over. And, yes, we shall prevail… No company is invincible. Not even Microsoft.MacDailyNews Take, January 10, 2005

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  1. Apple writes OS X and iOS, designs the Macs, Apple TVs and iDevices and even, in some cases, the SoCs, so it would be very difficult for any competitor to come close to the level of integration that Apple is capable of.

    Sure, you can get a Dell laptop running a Microsoft OS to play nice with an LG phone running a Google OS on a Qualcomm SoC while communicating with a Roku set top box, but it isn’t seamless or even easy.

    Apple has really hit the nail on the head with the Yosemite/iOS 8 release. It will turn the halo effect into a gravitational effect.

  2. Since iOS penetration is over 90% in large organizations, probably at least an hour of productivity per employee is lost every day because iOS devices do not seamlessly integrate (apps, handoff, messaging, widgets, some emails, bookmarks, etc.) with Windows desktops and laptops. The obvious answer for these companies is to invest in Macs. I imagine a lightbulb will go off in many managers over the next few months and Mac market share growth will quickly accelerate.

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