Apple axes Aperture and iPhoto, says new Photos app for OS X is the future

“Apple has officially pulled the plug on its professional photo management tool Aperture, focusing all of its attention on the new Photos app coming with OS X Yosemite later this year,” David Nield reports for Digital Trends. “The same app will also replace the existing iPhoto as Apple looks to revamp its approach to image handling across computers, devices and the cloud.”

“While seasoned Aperture users are dismayed at the news, the app — which competed directly with Adobe Lightroom — has not been updated for several years and didn’t look to be part of Apple’s long-term plans,” Nield reports. “The Cupertino company has confirmed that Aperture will run on Yosemite, though the software will no longer be developed from this point on.”

“Parts of the upcoming Photos app were demoed at WWDC. The software will enable users to apply several basic tweaks and effects to their images and manage a constantly updating stream of pictures through iCloud,” Nield reports. “It’s possible that some of Aperture’s functionality is going to be covered by paid-for add-ons to the main Photos app.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Wait and see before leaping blindly to Lightroom. There’s no rush. Aperture still works. If Photos doesn’t have you covered, Lightroom will still be there.

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  1. Can anyone briefly explain what Aperture or Lightroom offer that is so helpful to pros? If you need to edit a photo, don’t most just use photoshop? And what would prevent Apple from incorporating these features into the new Photos? I’m asking from a perspective of complete ignorance of this issue.

    1. I am in the same category as you, but I think it lets you see multiple pics at once and good for quickly seeing and making some basic edits quickly and easily and comparing them side by side and can revert changes. Don’t quote me on that though, others who use the apps probably know better.

    2. Well, just to pick out one feature at random.

      Aperture has a feature whereby you could ‘tether’ your very expensive digital SLR camera to the application and any photo you took appeared in your library on a near-instantaneous basis.

      Which meant that – if you were a professional studio doing images for marketing, advertising or publishing – the editor/sponsor/client could sit at the screen watching the session happening in near-realtime thus facilitating a faster exchange of creative ideas.

      But that’s just one thing.

    3. Batch applying corrections lifted from one photo to any number of other photos.

      Three uses of this come to mind right away:
      – White balance
      – Dust removal
      – Straightening

      1) White balance adjustment. With no judgement intended, iPhoto users typically use the Auto White Balance setting on their camera. Pros typically set the white balance on their camera (many methods). In a concert, you might set it via a gray card before the performers take the stage… then the lighting folks change the lighting. So after taking all your pictures you need to update them to what your eye remembers the lighting really being

      2) Dust removal. Again, iPhoto users probably never change a lens and so their sensor doesn’t accumulate the dust that a DSLR does. In post (Aperture) you use the correction tool to “remove” the dust, and since it’s on the sensor it’ll be on all your shots — batch apply that fix to tons of photos.

      3) Straightening. We shoot at 9 to 11 frames per second, so probably on average 5 shots at any time. And hand held causes a little bit of lean that can easily be fixed in one and batch applied to the rest.

  2. I’m done buying any Apple programs. I’m tired of being orphaned. Will the old programs like iWeb and aperture still work? Yes, but crippled by what is out there. I was foolish enough to purchase Aperture, great layout and feature set and leaped ahead of lightroom. Then Apple ignored it and Adobe passed Aperture with much needed feature. For pro or semi pro photo processing then there is only Lightroom. Get a version of Lightroom goes on sale and then pirate CS6 if you’re not a fan of Adobe’s ridiculous pricing structure. It just sucks getting pushed around by these companies.

    1. Are you aware the Adobe’s Photography Program includes Photoshop CC and Lightroom is only $9.99 per month these days? If you can’t justify that then Photos will probably meet your needs.

      P.S. I have used Aperture since it was launched and am not happy about the move at this point, but let’s see what Photos offers before we freak out.

  3. Let’s hope Apple plays it smart. I didn’t like their iWork “update” because they took out some important features. Hopefully, we’ll get something that is the best of both worlds with this new photos app!

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