With today’s $99 Apple TV, if you haven’t cut the cord on cable TV, you should

“I’m a Cablevision Systems customer in rural Connecticut, and I subscribed to the company’s ‘triple-play’ Internet, TV and phone service for years,” Nat Worden writes for MarketWatch. “I’m a busy professional and a parent of small children, so I have little time for watching TV these days, and this service was expensive relative to my actual usage — except for the Internet service, which I need for all sorts of things.”

“After purchasing Apple TV, it became clear that I no longer needed cable TV service, and I rarely used a wireline phone. When I called Cablevision to cancel those items,” Worden writes. “When I finally got through, their representatives offered me several rounds of discounted promotional offerings to keep their TV service, which kept getting cheaper as I rejected them one after another. Then they gave up, and I returned my monstrous, electricity-draining cable box with it’s god-awful user interface and remote control that never worked (yes, I tried changing the batteries). That may have been the most satisfying errand I have ever run as a consumer.”

“Now, I pay about $60 a month for Cablevision’s broadband service — almost $100 less than I was paying — and I subscribe to Netflix so my kids can watch commercial-free kid shows. I’m also trying Hulu Plus for online access to network TV shows. There’s also online video options for sports fans, like MLB.com, and you can buy all the great TV series a la carte on iTunes if you don’t mind being a little behind the curve — who can stay current on all these shows anyway? I’ve also been pleasantly surprised by Apple TV’s library of free video podcast selections, which are excellent, including some current news shows,” Worden writes. “Oh, and then I can access the entire Internet on my computer, which has some good stuff on it too — including independent news and commentary sources that often better informed and more accurate than our mainstream, corporate news outlets.”

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  1. I’m perfectly fine with cutting the cable/cord however Apple needs some more programming. The practice of piece mealing channels 1 by 1 just doesn’t cut it. If they opened up an app store for ATV and let people and networks develop channels for it then I would definitely buy in. The only thing I really need is Plex or XBMC so I can watch my own movie collection (600+ movies collected) and I also need The Food Network because my wife is a cook/baker and that’s all she watches. Apple TV currently has neither of these options so… We have cable to appease her need for 1 channel and I use a Roku to stream my Plex because unlike Apple TV they have a channel/app/content store.

  2. I’ve done it. The only thing I hate is waiting for a season if my favorite show to watch it on Netflix. At least Hulu airs it a day after. Hulu doesn’t keep and entire season so that’s sucks in itself. You have to be really patient once you decide to cut the cable, but it’s worth it. 😊

  3. AppleTV’s best ability is to act as the media hub to your Apple universe. As a content box, it’s ok. Roku’s ok. They’re all ok.

    AppleTV’s job is to evolve into a thin client media computer with casual game support.

    BTW- quit watching so much tv.

  4. I am waiting for the day when tv watching becomes like listening to music on beats/spottily/ pandora/ etc
    Where one can Make custom channels based on user specified filters!

    90s comedy, sitcoms.
    60s scifi movies or 60s scify tv shows
    70s cartoons.
    Cooking, travel
    Basically any user defined collection of shows !
    What an awesome day that will be.
    Hope content providers wise up and allow for this kind of mix and match SOON

    1. Finally someone gets that the end game for Apple TV is that the app is the channel.

      Think about Beats TV like Beats Music: totally a la carte VOD.

      Thank you Yojimb007!

  5. I dropped cable two years ago and began saving over $100 per month.
    I put up a $50 antenna and got 15 channels (7 HD + 8 SD). The antenna paid for itself in two weeks.
    A year later, I took down the $50 antenna and put up a $115 15′ antenna rated for 100 miles. I went from 15 channels to 36 channels.
    During the whole time, I had Netflix.
    Recently, I added a VPN account (IPVanish) to make my computer look like it is in different countries to get their programming. It’s about $6 per month. Among many other channels, I get the World Cup soccer games on the BBC. Who needs ESPN?

  6. I would love to cut the cord, but there are problems and I do not watch that much TV.

    1-Most of the apps are crippled by lame content updating by providers- especially the TV channel apps.
    2-No HBO, Cinemax or Showtime without a cable subscription.
    3-No live college Football- my only real sports interest these days.
    4-No apps for international broadcasters like NHK, ABC (Australia), DW, BBC World News or content providers like Channel 4 in the UK. France 24 can be streamed from an iPad to an Apple TV, but has no native app.
    5-No way to PERMANENTLY curate apps on the Apple TV. The latest update undid all the crap (anything by Disney or Murdoch for starters) I carefully hid/removed from the menu.

  7. I cut off my cable TV about 3 years ago. Got sick and tired of all the subtle and not-so-subtle pro left-wing talking points as well as many of the brain dead shows. Don’t miss it one bit!

    I’ve never considered Apple TV but I’m going to take a look at it based on this article.

  8. Life’s too short to settle for pick and hope someday all programming I wish for will be available TV. As much as I hate the telecoms, I’ll stick with my Directv for now. I don’t ever see having that much choice, especially with sports, happening when you decide to ‘cut’ the cable. Just have to suck it up and pay the piper.

  9. Love my AppleTV, but what do you do about the channels that require a cable or satellite subscription before you can view it? And for a while Directv wasn’t allowing it’s subscribers at all but that seems to be changing.

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