Apple may have finally solved photo storage hell

“We take a bazillion photos with our phones and digital cameras. The digital images mostly just sit, clogging up our hard drive(s). This has been a problem for as long as digital photography has existed and it’s getting worse. Camera resolutions are getting bigger and with it, the file sizes of our digital photos are growing,” Brenden Mulligan writes for TechCrunch. “Although many companies have taken a crack at this problem, I think Apple’s upcoming iCloud Photo Library could be the perfect solution — if they do it right.”

“I currently have a 100GB iPhoto library on my Macbook Air’s 250GB hard drive. I look at the photos approximately never,” Mulligan writes. “But I’m not going to delete them. They’re my memories, and even though I don’t look at them often, I want to preserve them.”

“At WWDC 2014, Apple announced a big upgrade to its Photos app and iCloud Photo Library, a service that claims to be the ultimate backup system: ‘iCloud Photo Library,'” Mulligan writes. “This sounds amazing, but it sounds like it’s limited to iOS devices, which doesn’t solve the problem of my computer being full of photos. However, Apple also announced a new Photos app for OS X, which seems like it’ll eventually be an iPhoto replacement for the desktop. This has me hopeful that they might be closer to building something actually worth paying for.”

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  1. I can’t get to that external hard drive when I’m on vacation and only brought my iPad or any plethora of other devices my family uses. And when I take a picture or video of my kid and two days later drive over my iPhone it would have never been on that external hard drive anyway.

    That is that point. Anyone that wants to get to it can, from any device, anywhere.

    Even so, I would still keep a backup separate from the cloud, one locally and one remote.

    1. You’re right. Anyone would be a fool to retain their sole copy of an important image in just one place. The cloud is very convenient in oh-so-many ways, but I will definitely continue keeping local copies on my Drobo.

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