Teardown of Apple’s low-end iMac reveals non-upgradeable soldered RAM

“Hours after Apple released its low-cost 21.5-inch iMac on Wednesday, a teardown of the all-in-one desktop reveals users will be unable to easily upgrade system memory as the compute’s RAM modules are soldered onto the logic board,” AppleInsider reports.

“In a follow-up to its teardown of Apple’s latest iMac model, Mac reseller Other World Computing found the $1,099 machine comes with soldered-on memory, meaning users are stuck with the 8GB of RAM installed at the factory,” AppleInsider reports. “While memory is not a configurable option, the new model can be fitted with a 1TB hard drive for an extra $50, while an additional $250 buys a 1TB Fusion Drive or 250GB SSD.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Those who would opt for this entry-level machine (think school systems) will be fine with 8GB for quite some time and are not the type of customer concerned with upgrading RAM.

If you want a Mac with upgradeable RAM, buy a Mac with upgradable RAM.

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  1. MDN you’re completely off on this. First many people can’t afford anything other then this “entry” level machine. By computing standards in this price range this is not an entry level machine. Try running Apple’s Aperture with 8GB of ram and you’ll wonder why it’s such a dog. At this price point, which is expensive by comparative standards, you should at least be able to upgrade the ram to your needs. I’d never buy this machine. I’ll be sticking with my older “entry” level machine with gobs of memory so I can run Aperture and Photoshop.

  2. Apple seems to be bringing out too many versions of the same product at different price points.. Instead with their margins they can reduce the price of the existing products which will increase their volumes and keeping their bottom line intact..

  3. So $1,100 US does not get you upgradeable memory. Jony Ive must be proud now that he has closed off the battery compartment, the memory slot, the optical drive and most of the ports on many Macs. His next great innovation will be the headless laptop- but it will still cost $2,000.

    One expects a certain amount of compromise on an entry level machine- but $1,100 is not entry level for a desktop.

  4. My first Macintosh was a Quadra 800 that I bought in 1993 for $5500 with 14″ monitor. Cry me a freekin’ river that a vastly more superior computer is selling for 1/5th the price 20 years later.

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