Apple TV could finally unlock its full potential this year

“The Apple TV hasn’t evolved much over the last couple of years. Sure, it’s gotten a handful of new apps, but the format—locked down, bland—has stayed the same since its 2010 redesign,” Micah Singleton reports for Gizmodo. “But while Apple didn’t talk about its set-top box much at its developer conference this month, it showed that it finally has the pieces in place to turn Apple TV into a living room behemoth.

“Continuity, Apple’s tagline for apps that can seamlessly sync between Mac and iOS, looks to be headed to the Apple TV, according to 9to5Mac,” Singleton reports. “What would that mean in practice? Imagine walking inside your home while playing a movie on your iPhone. With one tap, you can pick up where you left off on your Apple TV, without having to use AirPlay and without tying up your phone.”

“That same implementation could also be used for iTunes Radio, and could potentially work for notifications as well, showing you things like who is calling your phone on your Apple TV, so that you don’t have to dig into your pocket during an Archer marathon,” Singleton reports. “Continuity also allows for your Mac to use your iPhone as a hotspot without having to unlock your phone, which could be great for the Apple TV when you’re on the road.”

Read more, including info about HomeKit, Metal, third-party gaming controllers, and the possibilities for an Apple TV SDK and App Store, and more, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple TV installed base: 20 million units and counting.

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    1. …with all due respect, Apple is awake and has been working on your Apple TV before it was available for you to purchase it. Be patient. When you’re pizza is ready, it will be delivered … but you may want to buy the new version 😉

    2. Yeah the “Apple wake up” thing is completely disingenuous. You don’t think Apple hasn’t had this in the works for some time and won’t release it until really ready in this newer and wiser post Maps period? Have patience, it will soon be upon us.

      Like Paul Masson the vintner said “We will not sell to those who whine, before it’s time.”

  1. I have an ATV and an Amazon FireTV and I default to the Fire because it’s faster and has a better search (limited as it is). The buffering thing it does in anticipation of what it thinks you will watch works very well. Apple needs to keep improving the Apple TV itself, if not radically, then incrementally just to keep up.

    1. I have a Fire TV as well (in addition to several Apple TVs). I totally agree. The games on it a pretty fun too. Browsing on the Fire TV isn’t very good, but I’d imagine they’d tweak that soon. Meanwhile, in other aspects it’s almost exactly what the Apple TV should’ve been like a couple of years ago.

      1. I do free with that, apple like to wait to make big transformations but in this case it really has allowed others to sneak into and arguably ahead on the basics while apple makes us all wait till its ready to make that leap. Its amazing that ATV has remained ahead for so long with its sluggish upgrade path and really it could have been improved considerably to keep out the opposition while still leaving the platform open to their big desired transformational launch which will soon be seen as playing catch up if it is delayed much longer. There has to be an Autumn launch surely.

  2. Apple better do it soon.
    EZcast HDMI tongle does some really nice tricks that the Apple TV doesn’t.

    Competition is experimenting with things that Apple will paving its way and engulf its elegant software and simplicity completely over all seen.

  3. This time around the beta’s do not support Apple TV 2nd Gen.

    Currently the Apple TV 1st Gen, with a Broadcom decoder chip, replacing the Wi-Fi card, is more powerful than the Apple TV 3.

    I am patiently waiting for the Apple TV 4th Gen.

  4. I have 3 AppleTV (3 generations) and the latest one is connected to the TV most used. I have to admit as an Apple product fan I tend to only rent movies from AppleTV. However, the user interface with the remote (manual) or on the iPhone does not work well and is DATED. We all know it.

    Apple has not updated the device or the user interface for sometime and I really really hope we get something this Oct and maybe even combine AppleTV with a router, game console, and a better and more responsive UI.

  5. The problem I can foresee is that an iOS is primarily a single user device, whereas (unless you live alone) an Apple TV is a communal one. In our household I often get my Apple TV viewing disrupted by someone playing something on their iPhone, forgetting that they were previously connected to Apple TV and it coming through on Airplay. The same goes for home control, it’s very nice to be able to turn your lights on and off etc, but I can see there being issues when multiple household members are doing things which conflict/contradict each other. It’s interesting and exciting what they could do though.

    1. Interesting point! There’s nothing stopping Apple from making the Apple TV a user account based machine. iOS is still OS X running on A series ARM chips. They’ve already got the basic code for multi-user support. Alternatively, Apple already has the Parental Control code to allow standard and super-user control.

  6. Being able to hand off video from your phone or iPad so that the phone is freed up for other tasks IS a great feature. It’s been on the chromecast since it’s release. (Although it started with limited apps that it supported, they are more prevalent today.) I have a 2nd Gen ATV, a Roku 2 XS, and the Chromecast. Thinking about getting a TV that has android TV built in. The ATV has so much potential, and I use it jailbroken for XBMC. But I find myself more and more using the chromecast and Plex. It really depends on how you acquire and use media. All three of my devices have their strongpoints, but none of them handle ALL that I want to do. And I’m no Apple-hater-typing this from my iPad, and I plan to buy an iPhone 6 for me and one for my wife this fall. But for my uses, chromecast eats ATV’s lunch, and for only $35 (and I got mine with the 3 months free Netflix, so it really cost me about $10).

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