Apple to begin selling iPads and iPhones at Costco on June 27th

“Beginning June 27, iPhones and iPads will once again be sold through Costco Wholesale,” Mark Reschke reports for TGAAP.

“Apple’s strong march back into Costco means Samsung will no longer be going unchecked within the U.S.’s largest club wholesaler,” Reschke reports. “Apple will soon be reconnected the club’s higher income Americans, to which Costco largely caters. ”

“The average annual household income of each Costco membership is $96,000. The typical Costco member who purchases technology at the retailer is not part of the early adopter crowd,” Reschke reports. “Rather, Costco members largely tie into what is called the “laggard” segment of the market, settling on whatever Costco is offering. This is a large high-income segment Apple has been missing for the past four years.”

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  1. Hell yeah. I’ve dropped a comment off at my local store and last December I emailed Costco asking to work it out with Apple and they lost out of 4 iPads our family purchased for Christmas.

  2. Costco likes to cut prices, which Apple does not. Therefore there was a type mismatch in “marketing” However since Walmart does the same thing, and such. It’s seems rather ridiculous that Apple would not work with Costco anymore.

    I like this… It’s good for both companies. I trust Costco… Good employer, good company.

  3. Most people at COSTCO are Samdung clueless about technology types. They will buy whatever the kiosk guy tells em to buy. Usually they are incentivized to “move” all things Samdung.

    1. Sorry man you are just wrong. I work at a kiosk in Costco we don’t get incentives from any manufacturer. We are there for member service. That’s it we ask you what you want and make suggestions based on what you tell us.

  4. Nice. Burbank Costco : wall-to-wall people all the time. It’s one of if not their top grossing stores in the US. But they get you in and out fast. And hey, it’s Hollywood, you always see celebs. Past or present.

      1. I know where Burbank is dude. I know where Hollywood is dude. I live here dude. My reference to Hollywood is a generalization. Burbank is a city. Hollywood is not. Hollywood is on the south side of Mount Lee. And is crime infested. Not a safe place. Burbank is on this north side of Mt. Lee and is a relatively quiet safe place to live. I like it. And who uses the term dude anyway? Dude.

  5. It’s about time Costco stopped selling only junk in the portable electronics department!

    Costco’s cellphone hut is staffed by high pressure bozos. “hey buddy, want a free phone?” I get the shivers every time I walk by it.

    I hope Apple isn’t counting on those high pressure bozos. it will be the 80’s and 90’s all over again using Apple to bait and switch customers to whatever gives them the highest commission. And you KNOW Samsung will make sure of that.

    1. I’m one of those bozos as you call us. We are not high pressure if you don’t want to buy a cell from us then don’t. And as far as our behavior if you don’t like us tell Costco management that we are ( high pressure) they control what we do. And we do not get incentives from any manufacturer and make recommendations based on what you tell us. We are there to provide member service that’s it.

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