With HomeKit and Honeywell’s Lyric, a Nest acquisition by Apple would have been foolish

“Google’s $3.2 billion acquisition of Nest was interesting on a number of fronts,” Yoni Heisler writes for TUAW. “Not only did it result in a slew of ex-Apple employees finding themselves under the employ of Google, but it also prompted many to wonder, ‘Why didn’t Apple buy Nest?'”

“While it remains to be seen what Fadell and his team come up with now that they have the full weight of Google behind them, two recent events bear out that Apple acquiring Nest would have made a great headline, but wouldn’t have necessarily been a smart strategic move,” Heisler writes. “First, we have the Honeywell Lyric. Yep, Nest isn’t the only game in town anymore as the company long associated with thermostats has decided to jump into the 21st century with its own take on a modern thermostat. The Verge recently ran an extensive review of the Lyric and it looks like a serious competitor to Nest on all fronts.”

“Point number two; the recent introduction of HomeKit,” Heisler writes. “HomeKit is expected to work with home items as varied as locks, lights, doors, thermostats and more. What’s more, Apple at WWDC announced that it had partnered up with a number of big name companies, including Honeywell, Philips, iHome, Haier, and Osram Sylvania… More so than manufacturing and selling peripheral devices like thermostats on its own, Apple is aiming to make the HomeKit framework so prevalent and appealing to developers that all third party hardware peripherals will want to tie into it.”

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