It’s time for Apple to buy DuckDuckGo

“Apple is in an outright war with Google and lawsuit wins against Samsung while helpful to the tune of a few hundred million dollars are great, to compete with Android the company must attack the very core of Google which is search. DuckDuckGo is the more secure alternative to Google Search. It isn’t as robust or as useful but at least the chairman of the company didn’t say that if you don’t want people to know what you are doing online, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place,” Rich Tehrani writes for TMCnet. “While Google spreads itself thinner and thinner, the opportunity may exist to take on their core competency.”

“In order to compete with Google, you need to at least think the way they do,” Tehrani writes. “Google does search amazingly well. In addition, they have been buying content like Zagat’s and scraping other content to keep searchers within the Google home page – not needing to go to particular websites for more detail.”

“Bing hasn’t been a strong counter to the company and Google is a monopoly for all practical purposes,” Tehrani writes. “For competitive reasons, Apple should be the number one choice as an acquirer of DuckDuckGo…”

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MacDailyNews Take: If you really want to wage thermonuclear war, wage thermonuclear war.

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  1. Why?

    Does DuckDuckGo actually do anything search related better than Google? Seems like its only killer feature is that some people put naive trust in its security based on it not being run by a giant multinational corporation – how’s that supposed to work after it gets acquired by Apple?

    If Apple has a unique plan to do actually do search better than Google, what do they need DuckDuckGo for?

    Apple doesn’t just do things for the sake of revenge. If that’s what If Apple changed into that, it would be sad company with pathetic products.

      1. Excellent response!

        By cleverly implying I have a much better paying job than I really have, and deftly avoiding every point I actually made, you really showed me what’s what.

        I now have much to reconsider in light of your incisive rebuttal.

        Bravo, sir or madam, bravo!

  2. I wholeheartedly agree! DuckDuckGo has been my primary search engine (Bing is a backup). I tell everyone to use DuckDuckGo. Been pretty much successful in getting people to convert.

  3. I could be totally off base, but isn’t DDG just a way to use other search engines anonymously? Kind of like a man-in-the-middle they conduct the search for you and strip out all the ads and your identity.

  4. I’ll like good products to succeed, I’ll like Google to have competition etc.

    BUT the problem with Search is that there is no money in it UNLESS you invade privacy like Google . It makes so much money TARGETING ads to consumers, TV etc targeting is crude by comparison.

    . Goog doesn’t just have the best algorithms but it is also the best in spying and unhanded business practices like ranking search results (another money earner). Bing loses huge chunks of money.

    Maybe valuing privacy and the desire to be “fair” is stopping Apple from seriously entering Search.

  5. No.

    1) DuckDuckGo is an Open Source project. Let’s leave it that way.

    2) DuckDuckGo is still significantly unfinished. It JUST started addressing image searches directly and has a ways to go.

    3) DuckDuckGo provides its users with a lot of non-commercial perks that might well be killed off by Apple:

    – a) NO HTTP, aka HTTPS/SSL always.
    – b) NO JavaScript (ECMAScript), aka no drive-by anything.
    – c) NO cookies, aka no surveillance of any kind.
    – d) NO advertising.

    I’d rather Apple simply supported the DuckDuckGo project with staff and money while making it the default search engine everywhere in its software. That would be mighty sweet!

  6. I haven’t used google anything in years, except YouTube to watch videos. I use DDG and for search, mostly startpage. I know it uses google’s algorithms, but somehow privately I think.

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