Apple at WWDC: ‘Seoul, start your photocopiers’ [update: image is a fake]

Apple is hanging banners at WWDC in San Franciso’s Moscone Center.

A MacDailyNews reader sent us a photo that actually brought a tear to our eyes because, basically, it’s so “Steve.”

“Seoul, start your photocopiers.”

MacDailyNews Note: UPDATE: 8:15pm EDT: The image below is a fake. Too “Steve” to be true, sadly. Dry eyes all around.

Seoul, start your photocopiers

The actual image, for iOS 8, via 9to5Mac:
WWDC 2014: iOS 8

For background, Apple hung similar banners at WWDC 2004 (not fake):

“Redmond, start your photocopiers.”

Redmond, start your photocopiers.


  1. Glad that photo was fake. That’d be stooping to SameDung’s level or even below. You have to remember that Apple actually does fairly well in Seoul and in Korea in general despite it being SameDung’s turf. There are many Apple fanatics in Seoul as well. Trust me; as a Korean-American who visits Korea on a regular basis, SameDung has many haters there too.

  2. I paid a visit to see the WWDC setup. That sign would have been epic. Too bad I’m not going this year. However with that said, it is difficult to get into the keynote regardless. Either we skip it all together, or we end up in overflow seating. – Missing Steve

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