Apple loses $37 billion in brand value due to ‘lack of innovation’

“Apple’s failure to launch a new product in the last 12 months has seen its brand value fall by 20% to $148 billion (£87.6bn) as Google climbs 40% to overtake Apple as the world’s most valuable brand,” David Gilbert reports for IB Times.

“Apple had held the top spot on the Millward Brown Brandz ranking for the last three years, but the lack of a major new product announcement in the last 12 months – aside from updates to its iPhone and iPad ranges – has seen Apple seem stale in comparison to some of its rival,” Gilbert reports. “‘Whilst Apple remains a top performing brand, there is a growing perception that it is no longer redefining technology for consumers, reflected by a lack of dramatic new product launches,’ the report says.”

Gilbert reports, “Google jumped to the number one spot thanks to the launch of products such as Google Glass, its continued domination of Android in the smartphone business and the company’s continued development of driverless cars.”

MacDailyNews Take: Is it really “domination” when Apple’s iPhone takes 87.4% of the mobile phone industry profits? In reality, Android’s one big claim to fame, it’s so-called “domination” (unit or, more commonly, market share) is nothing more than failing to make it up in volume.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If Apple had an effective (or even just a functional) PR department, instead of a collection of mutes headed by a lame duck, this sort of blatant disinformation would be contained, refuted, and dispatched, not allowed to spread, fester, and seep into the general public’s consciousness thereby negatively affecting Apple’s brand and company reputation.

As for Apple’s so-called “lack of innovation”:
• iPhone was released 5 years, 7 months, and 19 days after iPod.
• iPad was released 2 years, 9 months, and 5 days after iPhone.
• Tim Cook has been Apple CEO for 2 years, 8 months, and 29 days.

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    1. Very “creative” and meaningless too!

      MacDailyNews is correct: “If Apple had an effective (or even just a functional) PR department” this crap would be crushed. Instead, FOR MONTHS I keep being told that I have a “verse”. What! Where is the PR about the only 64-bit OS smartphone and tablet!!! What about everything else Apple continually shows off and develops, like CarPlay. I have yet to find even one car sales person that knows ANYTHING about CarPlay. Time to shame the rest into offering it in every car with a touch screen.

      Where are the funny TV ads about the diversity in Android phones making app development a nightmare, the widespread hacking and viruses in Android devices, or which version of Android are you running thing? If Apple can’t do this anymore, make it a competition of clever ads made on Apple iOS devices. Almost any long term Apple user can do this for you Apple. ANYTHING that isn’t about My Verse! It was about colored iPhones before that. Who picks this stuff out now?

      1. Good grief Peter, no wonder people think we’re all blind fanboys.
        Face facts, under Cook Apple’s brand cache has evaporated.
        This isn’t 5 years ago, large tech firms are not the lumbering sloths they used to be (M$ excepted).
        Jobs was a lion, Cook is a soft talking puff. The results of his ineffectual leadership are obvious to all but MDN readers.
        Remember, we all gave him the benefit of the doubt? Well that time has passed. You noobs don’t remember what happened after Jobs was kicked out in the 80s. Apple did great…. for a while. Then it all collapsed.
        THAT is where we are now. The collapse has begun.
        You know the drill. One star for Cook.

        1. Well no. I’m not a blind fanboy (having followed APPLE since 1976 but only bought my first Mac in 1992) but certain things you can take on faith. If you notice the cycle of new product paradigms MDN posts often from Apple and innovations they occur about once every 3-7 years. Tim Cook has been a CEO less than 3 years so he is due in the next year to stir things up again. So in fact the
          “benefit of the doubt” or honeymoon period has NOT expired for the ADD crowd. I don’t think we should give him less time to prove himself than Jobs had do we? I believe this will happen with iWatch, Apple TV or ? Not to mention stealing market & more profit share from Android with the larger iPhones. Also when Jobs started the mobile device field was wide open to conquer. Now the types of devices to further exploit are diminishing as current technology allows.

          Cook may be a quiet Lion but I think he is no less ambitious for Apple having trained under the Master himself. After Jobs was kicked out early on Apple did moderately well slowly declining under more clueless leadership until Gil Amelio took one for the team and essentially got himself fired by bringing Jobs back. Meanwhile before that Jobs was developing the next Max OS being OS X (aka NeXT) though he didn’t know it at the time.

          Apple is hardly at the point of collapse, your extremely poor analysis false & premature histrionics notwithstanding. I don’t know why you would even try to comment at this point with so many things rumored in the pipeline. Want to be the last soul proven wrong who makes a fool of himself with ludicrous predictions? I look forward to seeing your mouth agape in astonishment in the near future at Apple’s success just as Wall Street’s recently was, oh ye of little faith.

          1. It would astonish me if–
            –Apple stopped pretending its pro customers are consumers. Adobe has Julianne Kost, Terry White, and others. I’ve talked directly to Julianne in person, at Imaging USA. Where was Apple? Nowhere.
            –An Apple-built Final Cut 7 to X converter emerged. That could have solved A LOT of problems. Xto7 is hopeless.
            –Apple put more than two interns on Aperture development.
            –Apple produced a proper Office competitor that had features professionals need. No, I’m not impressed with butterflies and giraffes and I DON’T appreciate having key elements removed without notice.
            –Apple made an Entourage killer. Juggling Mail/iCal/Contacts is retarded.
            –Maps could get even one intersection in my town right.
            –Siri was not bipolar.
            Yeah, I know, I’m demanding. Let’s be fair, Apple only has $150b in the bank. Can’t expect them to, you know, actually listen to their users.
            FYI:- John Sculley increased sales from $800 million to $8 billion after Jobs left. That’s why I’m NOT impressed with Cook. Steve should have left a man in charge.

            1. Any money John Sculley made for Apple was short-lived and without much anything beyond basic marketing. Oh and the Newton. The money Tim Cook has helped make for Apple absolutely dwarfs Sculley’s contribution. So plainly you are babbling incoherently about Cook and underestimating the man. You are grotesquely premature in your assessment of him. I don’t have any of the issues with Maps or Siri you do, in fact they’ve gotten heaps better. I might agree with some of your wish list items like an Apple Office Suite on steroids that finally kills off Microsoft’s would be nice.

            2. Haha. “…innovation bomb drops and the explosive cigar in their disingenuous mouths explode…” is incoherent babbling.
              Who talks like that???
              We have just over a week until WWDC my friend, let’s talk more about this “innovation bomb” then.
              Meanwhile, please look up ‘disingenuous’. Come to think of it, most of the polysyllabic words you use don’t actually mean what you think they mean. May I recommend the OED?

            3. I sometimes deliberately massacre the English language in the subversive search for a “nit-witicism.” Sorry you don’t get it. All in good fun. And disingenuous is one of my favorite apropos words. One Star perfectly describes your contribution here.

        2. Oh and tell that to Apple about the “brand cache” fading after selling 43 million iPhones last quarter to Wall Streets astonishment. In fact only iPads were down slightly but you have to account for cyclical changes. For a “fading brand” it’s performance is rock solid and need I remind you Chicken Little it’s still the world’s Number One company? You’re really leaning into a generous portion of egg on your face.

    1. Tim Cook is not Steve Jobs, and he never will be. No one will be. I count myself lucky that my life has been so profoundly improved by such genius. I doubt that there will be another for many years to come.

    2. 41 votes and you only had 1.5.

      One would think that your head is way up your ass.

      I wouldn’t think that way but others would.

      I think it is embarrassing.

    1. “perception of theoretical brand value”
      Nicely put.

      Such evaluations of theoretical value have about as much reality as the pontificating of all those “analysts” and “pundits” we all love and respect so much.

  1. Longtime Apple watchers have come to know that the company is a bit like a tornado . . . when the clouds seem to be lining up (and enough disparate supply chain articles over the past six months suggest strongly that is happening), beware the stillness.

    What follows is usually lines into Apple stores wrapping around the block.

    1. “Well kind sir, *harrumph,” we here at a Google don’t measure success with such crass things as number sold, profits made, etc.. But the controversy, technological pretensions, and invasion of personal privacy gestures make it all worthwhile.” –Larry Page/ CEO

  2. You are right MDN in what way can a product like Google Glass be considered innovative when it has made no impact at all as yet. Isn’t this the sort innovation that Microsoft perfected with magical products that either never got to market or were anything but the promise they seemed to show in the lab or PR department to be precise.

    As for driverless cars, we are in a world where we seem incapable of stopping a state of the art hi speed train traversing a known never moving bend at twice the speed it was supposed to with no interference from any safety overrides whatsoever that had any effect yet apparently sometime soon we are all going to be travelling in driverless cars. The funniest thing was a proposal I saw where the passengers sat facing each other because there was no longer a need for front seat passengers to look out the windscreen any more. I can really see passengers having no concern at all travelling backwards at 100 mph relying totally on some electronics to keep them safe. Unless of course most people would prefer not to see the accident that is about to take their lives.

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