China bans use of Windows 8 on government computers; Microsoft ‘surprised’

“China has banned government use of Windows 8, Microsoft Corp’s latest operating system, a blow to a U.S. technology company that has long struggled with sales in the country,” Paul Carsten reports for Reuters. “The Central Government Procurement Center issued the ban on installing Windows 8 on Chinese government computers as part of a notice on the use of energy-saving products, posted on its website last week.”

“The official Xinhua news agency said the ban was to ensure computer security after Microsoft ended support for its Windows XP operating system, which was widely used in China,” Carsten reports. “‘We were surprised to learn about the reference to Windows 8 in this notice,’ the company said in a statement.”

“China has long been a troublesome market for Microsoft. Former CEO Steve Ballmer reportedly told employees in 2011 that, because of piracy, Microsoft earned less revenue in China than in the Netherlands even though computer sales matched those of the United States,” Carsten reports. “Last month, Microsoft ended support for the 13-year-old Windows XP to encourage the adoption of newer, more secure versions of Windows. This has potentially left XP users vulnerable to viruses and hacking. ‘China’s decision to ban Windows 8 from public procurement hampers Microsoft’s push of the OS to replace XP, which makes up 50 percent of China’s desktop market,’ said data firm Canalys.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The hits just keep on coming for Microsoft!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “silverhawk1” for the heads up.]

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    1. Yeah BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Only Microsoft suffers from clueless “suprisiosity.” Everyone else is saying “well duh.” Can you BE anymore out if touch? Does this portend anything but doom for the MS Titanic?

      1. I did get to meet and “touch” Windows 8 if only briefly due to a 5 day Visual Studio 2012 training last year. Yet, that was enough to know Windows 8 is bad and doomed.

        1. Yes mine is a nice looking Macbook copycat with a touch screen. The touch screen is useful when it does what you want, but they definitely shipped it before it was ready. Windows 8 is just a mess.

  1. This is a response to the hacking charges that Washington filed on their military people. It is just for show. They would have installed pirated copies in their PCs anyway if they were stupid enough to install Windows 8 in anything. The Macs come with the OS already installed at No Additional Charge.

    So, what does Microsoft’s business model really look like? Know one is paying hundreds of dollars per copy to install an OS in any computer anymore. Microsoft, this game is over!

  2. Windows XP has vunerabilities.

    Windows 8 has them hardwired to the NSA ( Snowden et al).

    China is not the only country to ban it in sensitive environments.

    1. I suspect that Mac OS X and iOS both have their own cleverly disguised NSA backdoors, too. Not to mention all the possible vectors for popular software to contain NSA code… *cough*Acrobat*cough*

        1. Being willfully blind to the constant revelations of the US government using hardware intercepts, software backdoors, compromised encryption ‘standards’, telephony/IM/email interception, the vacuuming of metadata on a global scale, etc … all both domestically AND internationally … anyone?


          There are no tinfoil hat wearers anymore (if there ever was). Only fools who use that old trope to try and silence any person pointing out that the ‘Land of the Free’ ™ has, since at least the early 2000’s, quickly become ‘Land of the Self Deluded About Being Free’ and the origin point for the same freedom stripping surveillance being imposed on the entire world.

  3. This has nothing to do with Microsoft or Windows per se and everything to do with Obama and the hypocritical spy agencies, each one a pot, calling a bunch of Chinese kettles black.

    I hope that bad metaphor works.

    When the NSA is spying on everyone, everywhere, all the time, I don’t really see how you can indict anyone for doing the same darn thing, especially someone in the government of a country America is spying on.

    And that’s just the NSA! There are something like 16 other mysterious agencies doing the same thing.

    The whole world is going to start crapping on American tech businesses because of U.S. spying and hypocrisy.

      1. I’ve heard that the NSA forcefully takes the personal data that companies lasciviously exploit from you. So if a company spies on you, NSA reaps the goods on you as a corollary.

      2. I wish that were true. You may be making a distinction between someone actively looking at your data vs. it simply being collected & stored, but rest assured the latter is occurring (with Google’s assistance) to ‘Joe Average’ just as to Angelina Jolie and Angela Merkel.

        And frankly, if that is what you mean, I find it to be a distinction without a difference anyway. All of our searches/communications/photos/audio recordings – anything a person has ever done on a computer hooked up to the internet – are available and easily manipulatable now. Think about what that means.

        If someone, someday, becomes the next Ghandi, and is an actual threat to the corporate/government system, be prepared for every pwrn site they’ve ever visited, every off color joke they’ve ever laughed about, and God knows what else that 99% of the population engages in, all being used & transformed into material to blackmail them into silence.

        That’s what all this surveillance is really for. The rest is just window dressing.

  4. This is most amusing.

    1) XP was the last version of Windows whose license was easy to hack. China hates that.

    2) I seriously doubt the Chinese government has bothered to splurge on many PCs even capable of running Windows 8. I suspect they’re even cheaper about buying new computers than #MyStupidGovernment.

    3) We know damned well China’s government is going to buy Windows 8 anyway if only to discover and study exploits they can use against other country’s Windows 8 hobbled computers.

    4) We know damned well that China’s government is NOT going to settle for Windows XP as it is going to continue to be attacked with zero day security hacks on into the future with no more patches from Microsoft. The Red Hacker Alliance guys, now aka the Red Army hacking division, aren’t going to allow their POS government wide open for botting by the rest of the world.

    5) This has to be the first intelligent thing I’ve heard of China’s current POS government ever doing, even if it is for retributional reasons.

      1. Was that word ‘Karma’? It does tend to go that when one wishes for bad things, bad things happen. The blame-game going on at the moment between China and the USA regarding hacking/cracking is utterly hilarious to me because anyone interested in computer security knows that China has been going at the USA since at least 1998. And we know the USA has been doing quite similar things to China since probably a similar time frame. Now we get this song and dance routine playing out for public viewing as if there’s anything revelational going on from either side.

    1. It’s actually a bit more simple. The Chinese do not understand paying for software.

      I attempted to sell software to them for 5 years. Gave up. It’s especially difficult to sell software to do what a human can do. “We have people that can do that,” was the typical answer.

      The aversion to buying software is a cultural thing now. This is why hardware vendors, like Apple, will succeed in China. There is no resistance to buying hardware.

      As everyone has been saying, microsoft’s business model for the OS is done. People want to buy a machine that is complete and works. A software market to extend the functions, however, does exist.

      What is not clear from the article is if the ban is for “upgrades” or if it includes new hardware. Perhaps the statement means to not upgrade or “don’t install it”, but if it came with it? Any clues?

  5. Can’t criticize Microsoft on this one. Chinese government is corrupt and like those noting above, much of the XP was stolen anyway, including by the Chinese Govt.

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