Apple’s ‘iPad Pro’ a larger model, or a laptop/tablet ‘MacPad’ hybrid?

“Is Apple working on a bigger-screen iPad to follow the iPad Air, and when is the next iPad coming out? Will the bigger iPad, whether it’s called iPad Pro, iPad 6, iPad 2014 or simply new iPad, feature a larger screen – or will it even be a touchscreen MacBook/iPad hybrid?” Ashleigh Allsopp asks for Macworld UK.

“Ming-Chi Kuo, a KGI Securities analyst with a highly-respected track record when it comes to Apple predictions, has published a report claiming that, on the tablet front, we’ll see only a new iPad Air this year, with the iPad Pro (and an update to the iPad mini) following in 2015,” Allsopp reports. “Yet previous reports suggested that Apple is working on two new 12.9in iPads for a 2014 launch. The first – a 2K model – is expected in April, while the rumoured 4K models are forecast for an October 2014 release. In January 2014, Evercore Partners analyst Patrick Wang predicted that a 12in MacBook/iPad hybrid would launch in the autumn of 2014.”

“Apple CEO Tim Cook has famously dismissed the idea of a MacBook/iPad hybrid. During a financial earnings conference call in April 2012, Cook said that consumers simply won’t be interested in buying or using a machine that is a hybrid of a laptop and a tablet,” Allsopp reports. “But what if, in the two years since Cook dismissed the idea, Apple has come up with a way to avoid tradeoffs and create something that’s as powerful as a MacBook but as portable and touch-based as an iPad?”

Much more, including concept imagery and videos, in the full article here.


    1. That’s the whole point, to make you drool.
      Or swoon.
      You come to this website to read this stuff and drool or swoon. It’s how the ad guys sell space: “Well, there’s a whole lot of what we like to call droolers who like the gear, and then we got the swooners who come here to add to the mythos-worship of Steve Jobs. It’s like a church or something; a church with banner ads instead of stained glass. Ain’t that a peach?”

  1. Why don’t them clowns just make a touchscreen iMac with the beamed energy Tesla thing (or batteries) so you can carry it around or use it on it’s stand?
    There’s yer giant iPad, but with OSX.

    1. Dreaming of an “iPad Pro” is to dream for an Apple-branded Surface tablet. BAD IDEA.

      OS X is not designed in any way for touchscreen operation, and any attempt to make it so would be be to turn it into a Windows 8-like mess (or, somewhat less painful but still highly limiting, iOS).

      iPad users can enjoy their fingertip interface, but Mac users need the power and user control that for the foreseeable future only a full-fledged machine with OS X can provide.

      STOP DUMBING DOWN OS X !!!!!!!!!!!!! Mavericks was hit with the iOS ugly stick and true performance improvements stopped the second Cook took the reins. Instead of merging iOS and OS X, they need to be kept far apart from each other. Keep the Mac as the productivity monster it is, and go ahead and let Ive continue to ruin the user experience of the vastly less capable iOS.

      1. Well funny enough I miss aspects of my Mac on my iPad and certainly miss aspects of my iPad on my Mac so I certainly wouldn’t complain if there were further cross fertilisation as long as there is no serious conflict which I haven’t noticed so far.

  2. I KNOW I’ve seen a MacPad hybrid that looked like a “clamshell” iBook.
    It had a double screen, (top and bottom), and. the second screen could be used for something “other” than a keyboard. (control panel, color corrector, equalizer, etc).
    Anyone else remember that? Got a link?
    I’ve searched, and can’t find it now.

  3. I suspect it is too early for a hybrid like this. Maybe next year with an A9 chip. Also, Apple seems to have a lot on its plate this year.

    Why would one need a hybrid? If you really need OS X then you carry a MB. In another year or two when Apple does this the iPad will be so much more powerful and the apps so much better that the need for OS X will be reduced.

    I can see a larger iPad filling this need. Then you could remotely connect OS X and run that way. Currently VNC is not bad with an iPad but the screen is too small.

  4. 4K on an iPad? Why? Can you imagine the cost/ battery drain? And on a 12″ screen where you literally won’t perceive the difference between that and 2K? I highly doubt it.

    1. Of course you will see the difference on 13″ screen when it’s that close to your face. Specially with high res photos. Cameras have been way beyond 4K resolution for years it’s time for the displays to catch up!

  5. Even though everybody is rumouring about hybrid mac/iPad. Nobody has hinted on a new apple desktop iMac. Its been 2 years since apple brought out a new thing for iMac and i strongly believe that they will improve and update the iMac for the operating system, design and possibly add a touch id system to the keyboard or mouse.

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