How the tech web frenzy frequently gets Apple dead wrong

“Apple does some interesting things that make it unique, frustrating and a great target to write about — even if understanding is frequently limited,” John Martellaro writes for TheStreet. “Apple is a company that makes delightful products and pleases its customers, but it controls its message very carefully through the media and seldom kowtows to them. The inability to manipulate Apple with their presumed power annoys many tech writers.”

“Apple’s opacity ends up turning many technical journalists into gossip columnists. It’s all not far removed from the paparazzi who cover the British Royal Family or Hollywood stars, but because we couch our industry in the cloak of technology and acronyms, it’s easy to rationalize that it’s all a very legit, high-tech affair,” Martellaro writes. “The result of all this is that if Apple makes a mistake, it’s suddenly huge news.”

“If a more considered and sober analysis is available, there is concern that it won’t generate as much excitement. There is some mob psychology at work,” Martellaro writes. “If you want to really understand Apple, it’s important to follow experienced, courageous authors who understand Apple, not sensational headlines.”

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  1. Not just courageous and experienced authors but the elderly ones who write with some contextual awareness of Apple’s thirty-eight-year journey, and not some twenty-five year old hit whore who wasn’t even born when Apple was the largest personal computer manufacturer on the planet.

  2. These same idiots trusted Ballmer for over a decade and look what happened there. There’s no way that could’ve happened in a rational society – tech media is utterly ÏËÇ‰Î beyond all comprehension

  3. Most in media are not interested on legit news anymore..
    The name of the game is “click bait..”
    Write something stupid or controversial…Or better yet come up with just some bogus but infuriating headline And get attention. That is it…..and most are jumping on that band wagon.
    One of the perils of internet and the way number of clicks add value to a site !

  4. The fact is, there’s big money in writing, speculating, rumor mongering, and being an Apple analyst.

    If you have accurate information about Apple and it’s significant, that information can be used to make a lot of money.

    It’s an exciting company and has the largest market cap. So the draw is going to be there. It’s always had a huge draw because it has had an interesting story since the beginning. I used to work for CNET, and even in the “beleaguered” days of Apple (I never used that term), any review or article we did about Apple got hugetraffic.

    With so many people blogging and reporting on Apple, there’s more incentive to push the envelop in terms of speculation or reporting on a rumor.

    Being a much bigger company that relies on so many other companies with a lot of employees, there are far more sources for leaks.

    Also, speculation isn’t that hard to get somewhat correct or appear believable. A larger iPhone? Sure, that’s plausible. Something more substantial in terms of TV? Of course. Etc…

    It’s also pretty easy to divert false reporting. A new iPhone could come as early as this Spring… Due to production issues, that new iPhone is coming in the Fall. Unhappy with the iTV, plans have been pushed to sometime next year. The next iPhone will have SuperXwidget. When the next iPhone comes out, instead of admitting they were wrong about SuperXwidget, they report on lines, sales, complaints, and eventually recycle the SuperXwidget for the next iPhone (which will come early next year later next year due to production issues.

    Click, click, click, click, click…

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