KGI Securities Kuo: Apple to include NFC in iPhone and iWatch

“Apple’s 2014 roadmap was laid out in pretty considerable detail by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo earlier this week in an investor note, and while ordinarily analyst predictions aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on, Kuo has a solid track record of actually getting things right,” Darrell Etherington reports for TechCrunch.

“Among Kuo’s predictions are larger iPhones, a Retina MacBook Air, improved Apple TV, iPad with Touch ID and iWatch launch later this year,” Etherington reports. “But one small detail could have more potential impact than all the rest: NFC inclusion in iWatch and iPhone devices.”

“While Apple now offers iBeacons [sic] Bluetooth LE-based tech, which could replicate the payment functions of NFC, support for the other tech would mean broad compatibility with existing hardware that more and more merchants have now been adopting with their in-store point-of-sale systems,” Etherington reports. “The WSJ reported earlier this year that Apple was looking to develop a mobile wallet for iPhone, using the existing iTunes accounts the company already uses for purchases within its own software and retail store ecosystem. That would give Apple an instant network of over 600 million users with credit card information on file, making it likely the largest mobile payments network of any kind without even trying.”

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  1. NFC has it’s place, but that place is different to what iBeacons BT system would be used for. While implementation here in the UK has been glacially slow, an NFC based system for public transport is being run out in various cities, London’s Oyster Card is very popular, and a way of merging the various transport cards into one universal travel app on an iPhone would be hugely advantageous for commuters. I live a hundred miles from London, but I use an Oyster Card when in the city.
    Also, some retail outlets are installing NFC contact points by their tills, and those are spreading, so being able to integrate that system onto one device, instead of several cards would be ideal.

  2. Why would Apple begin using NFC now? That technology’s profile has only decreased in the last year, and they’ve already invested in their BLE initiatives.

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