Israeli firm says it can charge your phone in 30 seconds (with video)

“Struggling to get through the day without charging up the smartphone?” Amir Mizroch reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“StoreDot Ltd., a Tel-Aviv based start-up, says it hopes to at least make the charging process faster–unveiling Monday a prototype charger that promises to take you battery from a tiny sliver of red to 100%, all in about 30 seconds,” Mizroch reports. “StoreDot was born out of the nanotechnology department at Tel Aviv University and developed its prototype for Samsung’s Galaxy 4. It unveiled the device at Microsoft’s Think Next conference in Tel Aviv. StoreDot says it plans to make chargers for other smartphones, too.”

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  1. To charge an iPhone’s 1.2 amp-hour battery in 1/2 minute would require a charging current of 150 amps or more. Yes, 150 AMPS, for 30 seconds. A Li-Ion battery of that size would explode in 2 seconds at that current.

    This article is B.S.

    1. I agree. You don’t get that fast a charge for free. There is a chemical change that takes place in the battery. . . And it’s exothermic. It gives off heat in both charging and discharging. Too fast and the heat will want to go somewhere fast!

  2. Wingsy has it almost right–but the numbers supplied are too low.

    Assuming 100% efficiency, a 1.4 amp-hour storage cell of any kind requires 168 amps to charge in 30 seconds. The energy that comes out of the cell has to get in. That also means conductors at least 1 cm in diameter and connectors correspondingly large.

    There is no magical nano-technology involved or charger with mysterious pulsing currents. Only faith in the gullibility of the tech press.

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