Microsoft Office for iPad: 5 big questions

“Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on Thursday will deliver his first press presentation since taking the company reins,” Michael Endler writes for InformationWeek. “Officially, Microsoft has said only that the event will be “related to the intersection of cloud and mobile,” but a variety of sources have claimed, citing anonymous insiders, that a native version of Office for iPads will finally debut.”

“Microsoft’s greatest challenge isn’t making money, but rather positioning Office to be as dominant in today’s consumerized mobile landscape as it was during the PC’s heyday,” Endler writes. “What does Microsoft need to bring to the tablet to make Office for iPad a smash? Assuming the much-anticipated productivity suite appears this Thursday as expected, here are five things to watch.”

1. Will Office for iPad be more than an oversized version of Office Mobile?
2. Will Office for iPad be available without an Office 365 subscription?
3. Is it too late?
4. Will Office for iPads kill Windows tablets?
5. Is Satya Nadella asserting his authority as CEO?

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MacDailyNews Take:
1. If not, it’ll be DOA.
2. If not, it’ll be a niche app, not ubiquitous.
3. For many, yes. By now, a lot of people have woken up and realized that Office is not a requirement.
4. What’s there to kill?
5. Depends on the answers to questions 1 and 2, but doing something that obviously should have been done years ago is hardly revolutionary leadership.

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  1. If CEO Satya Nadella does introduce Office for iPad, it amounts to a tacit admission that past Microsoft voices dismissing iPad as “only for consumption, not creation” were misguided at best.

    Their counter claim, that only their own Surface tablets allowed “real work to be done” will now have to be retired, surely to be replaced by a slogan like “the full Windows experience.”

    They don’t seem to understand branding, except as something applied to the consumer’s flank in the cattle chute to a bleat of pain.

  2. “4. Will Office for iPads kill Windows tablets?”

    Office didn’t help Surface tablets, nor will Office for iPads hurt the Surface. It will live or die based on their own merits.

    1. Microsoft could survive with enlightened leadership and by doing what needs to be done now. It will take years, possibly more than a decade for Nadella to regain a strong stability and dominance in meaningful segments.
      Unfortunately he will not last that long at the helm. The board of directors will loose patience quickly and seek a succession of tentative leaders.

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