Billy Joel and Jimmy Fallon create doo-wop magic with Apple iPad (with video)

On last night’s “Tonight Show” broadcast, Jimmy Fallon demonstrated the voice-looping iPad app, Loopy HD, to Billy Joel.

Joel and Fallon then used the iPad to perform a mostly a cappella version of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.”

“Jimmy Fallon’s MacBook may have mysteriously lost its illuminated Apple logo but it seems his love for Apple products hasn’t wavered,” Dan DeSilva remarks for 9to5Mac.

“The host was the first to record his vocals on the looper app. Joel joined in soon after, performing ‘a-weema-weh’ in a variety of keys,” Zach Johnson reports for E! Online. “Fallon then introduced the lyrics to the 1961 classic by The Tokens. The audience clapped in unison as The Roots backed the fast friends up from the side of the stage.”

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


    1. When I’m watching something on DVR and see a Samsung commercial, as I fast forward, I’ll continue fast forwarding. If I see an Apple ad I’ll usually stop to watch it even if I’ve seen it before.

      Samsung couldn’t buy this type of advertising for any price.

    1. Fallon is blessed with more than just comedic chops. He really is an all around entertainer. But then I’m just glad that Leno is finally gone. He got boring and mediocre the minute he stopped making appearances on Letterman’s show and got his own.

        1. Not so much when he was early on. But now he’s now a low energy curmudgeonly mumbling creep without a lot of the freshness and things like Larry “Bud” Melman and Velcro jumpsuits to liven up the broadcast, Fallon and his show has all the energy now. Fallon also way better than Leno and I was no Fallon fan when he started out Late Night. Some of these late night guys get to thinking they’re entitled to the job while losing the edge which never happened to Johnny Carson.

    1. Don’t let that stop you. Price for that unit is actually 1400. Same company makes a two channel unit for 650 or a single channel unit for 350. Or just a mic for 200.

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