Microsoft’s Windows falls to under 90%, Apple’s Mac rises over 8%

“Apple’s Mac computers have advanced to a new high in worldwide market share, taking a small but significant bite out of Microsoft (MSFT) Windows, according to data on the website of analytics firm Net Marketshare and echoed by StatCounter Global Stats,” J. M. Manness writes for Seking Alpha.

March 2014 market share:
• NetMarketShare:
– Windows: 89.96%
– Mac: 8.16%
• StatCounter:
– Windows: 89.22%
– Mac: 8.34%

“since the advent of the iPod back in 2001, Apple’s Macintosh computer line has been slowly reasserting itself, driven by the “halo effect” first of the iPod, then the iPhone and iPad,” Manness writes. “Clearly, when people were introduced to one of the company’s personal iDevices, they became more open to trying the computers, and global share has more than doubled since 2007 [3.74%, NetMarketShare].”

“For the first time in decades, Microsoft machines have fallen below the 90% mark,” Manness writes. “The big question is: Does 90% represent some sort of psychological mark? Before these new data points, other OSs could be dismissed as micro players that would never amount to much. However, as Windows dips below 90%, this is no longer so evident. Will an increasing number of people begin to question the long-held, taken for granted meme that Windows is the only real solution?”

“While the Mac line contributes only 11% of Apple’s revenue (Q1 20144) this totaled $6.4 billion last quarter and $21.5 billion in fiscal 2013. Additionally, the Macs act as an anchor for all the other products. The iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) all work best when paired with a Mac. Together they form the most compelling ‘ecosystem’ in the industry,” Manness writes. “The Macs will continue to grow market share, particularly as the value proposition becomes more evident in the business world. While Macs may be more expensive to purchase initially, generally they last a lot longer, have much higher resale value, and typically require a fraction of the maintenance of time/cost of Windows counterparts. This is one reason that Google has changed almost exclusively to Macs.”

Manness writes, “In my opinion, Microsoft has a real problem here.”

Read more, and see the graphs, in the full article – recommended – here.

MacDailyNews Take:

As we have always said, even as many short-sightedly waved (and continue to wave) the white flag, the war is not over. And, yes, we shall prevail… No company is invincible. Not even Microsoft.MacDailyNews Take, January 10, 2005


  1. “This is one reason that Google has changed almost exclusively to Macs.”

    but I thought Chromebooks was a ‘viable Pc alternative’….

    wasn’t it supposed to be according to the tech press the next big thing?, e.g:

    “Today, we have a different story. With everyone from Toshiba, Lenovo to Asus and Samsung wanting to get in on the fray, Chromebooks are quickly becoming the next important evolution in what a laptop is.”

    1. With all the new models out there I can’t believe Chromebooks didn’t even scratch 1% in this report. But even if not, they will soon

      MS is caught in a squeeze play with Apple holding 90%+ over the PC’s over $1000, and Chromebooks boding to take the bottom end (which is why MS just cut the OEM price for Windows on machines retailing under $250).

      They’re also “squoze” between their massive legacy Desktop base, and all the “Modern” UI, touch dependent machines and apps they’ve caused to be made – and not able to get rid of either now. So now people not only have to learn the more complicated than OS X Windows interface, thanks to Ballmer and Sinofsky, they have to cope with TWO of ’em lurking in all Win 8 machines.

      So back to Chromebooks, IT in the Enterprise has had to embrace iDevices, so this class of Apple Devices finally has more than a foot in the big biz door, but they still don’t love Macs as a general rule)…

      …and dunno about the public, but guessing IT shops are gonna start buying massive #’s of Chromebooks for “webbable” task use since they’re a) cheaper than dirt, b) can’t really be altered by users and c) can be replaced with all apps and files in half an hour whether lost, stolen, smashed etc.

  2. Consumers are simply getting smarter about hardware.

    Buying “cheap” or rolling your own “beige box” is just not popular like it was 15 years ago.

    Apple’s hardware is also much more reliable and long lasting than hardware was in general 15 years ago.

    The world moved on and Apple was ready for it.

    1. It started before iOS and Android even appeared. It all started with Apple breaking the Windows DRM model and the simultaneous rise of Firefox draining users from the badly neglected IE6. Once people didn’t need Windows anymore they finally had a choice about which computer or device to use.

  3. I wonder if this conversation (Market share of MS Win) is fundamentally wrong.
    It seems as if tablets and smartphones didn’t exist in spite of two facts or as if
    Computers= Desktop & Laptops.

    a) Tablets and smartphones ARE COMPUTERS!, so much so that for some people, tablets are taking over desktops/laptops at least in terms of hours of use per day, and explains partially why replacement periods for other computers are longer.
    2) The relatively high share of market of these two form factor of computers, for example tablets may have already surpassed (units wise) “computers” by now.
    If we include tablets and smartphones, Windows share is barely above 20%.

  4. Windows real usage share is closer to 10%. Most PC’s provided by IT doofuses are completely ignored while the users goof off and do something more interesting than all day virus/malware removal and daily BSOD troubleshooting.

    1. And then there are those of us who were trained on DOS boxes, progressed onward to Windows, and loathed the entire process. We were introduced to Macs and at last LOVED working with computers, never looking back.

      As for my shirt color: I wear what I like on any given day. You won’t find me on any 1 dimensional political scale. Sorry.

        1. Yeah? But you’re an anonymous coward hater. So I figure you’re brown all over, swimming in brown, stinking of brown, throwing brown at others in your torment of living brown.

          Congratulations on turning your inner hatred outward at others. Classic.

  5. I owned and supported Windows machines as part of my job as Tech Support Specialist, despite being known primarily as “The Mac Guy.” I could never understand (still don’t) why people actually Chose to work and play in that environment. I feel the same way about Android- why? How pathetic and surprising that the Mac still only has 8%- WTF? Don’t people evolve?….

    1. That’s the big unaddressed question lying at our feet like a festering corpse — why? Why do people hoard? Stay in abusive relationships? Live in trailer parks? Splurge on lottery tickets? Cheat on their income taxes, on their wives? Breed pit bulls? Maintain a Princess Di website?

      I’m not certain but my understanding is that people do not evolve. They may change their cologne or party affiliation. Only a collective people can evolve, in deep time. Hopefully toward a less warlike species, or at least one with better taste.

      1. Laugh of the day! “Princess Di website”.

        Meanwhile: This big question haunts my mind. I tend to think of it as a problem most people have. I tend to wish I was living amidst a more thoughtful, kind, caring, intelligent, tasteful species. But I’m not. So enjoy the company of those people who are as such, among the mob.

        I certainly make myself evolve. I love it.

        1. Trolls don’t evolve. They emerge from the low places of our minds to gleefully sow discord and hurt, playing back the manic dance of the two-year-old self we all harbour; until called to bedtime by a vexed guardian fingering a willow switch or leather strap.

          They creep along secret paths amongst the underbrush of neurons, leading to ancient hollows that once nurtured the nest of instincts common to every fledgling. For some, the nest remains fouled long past puberty; an infection, a self-poisoning of the mind.

          They will always lurk there, in all of us; and only Reason and Empathy can ever stand against their power.

          1. or leather strap
            Or ruler soon to
            knuckles rap!

            Deep within the lizard mind
            resentment of all discipline find.
            Weak and sulking is its grind
            staunchly steaming in its bind.

            To speak the language of the troll
            One must burrow down its hole.
            Hand it then reflecting bowl
            That it may witness its dark soul.

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