2014: The year that defines Apple CEO Tim Cook

“2014 is the year when analysts and armchair numbnuts will go from erroneously worrying about Apple’s ability to innovate without Steve Jobs to judging Apple’s execution in bringing innovation to market,” Bryan Chaffin writes for The Mac Observer.

“The two and a half years since Steve Jobs died have been awash in criticism aimed at Tim Cook for not having introduced something life changing and market disrupting,” Chaffin writes. “This criticism has always been couched as if Apple disrupted markets every year when Mr. Jobs was in charge, despite the nit-picky fact that this isn’t true.”

Chaffin writes, “Instead of pretending that Apple disrupts markets every season, people should instead have been focused on the incredible job that Tim Cook has really been doing.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Once again:

• iPhone was released 5 years, 7 months, and 19 days after iPod.
• iPad was released 2 years, 9 months, and 5 days after iPhone.
• Tim Cook has been Apple CEO for 2 years, 6 months, and 18 days.


  1. Cook’s bare innovation cupboard will be exposed in 2014 for what it is, a facade, like a Potemkin ship bristling with guns but with no shells to fire and exact damage. iPhone 5C is a flop. Stock price is dead in the water.

    Cook keeps talking about revolutionary new products but all he’s done is screw up iOS 7. All the signboards point to a mediocre year for a somnambulist CEO. His hands are empty and he knows it. Done & dusted on the innovation front.

    1. Well, we know Tim Cook’s name and will be able to give him a grade at the end of the year. How about you come out from behind the anonymous posting name and at least register with WordPress so we can grade you at the end of the year?

        1. Go back to playing with your Gila Monster in the Australian outback you idiot. iOS 7 sucks big time and is the worst designed OS on planet Earth. Worse than useless.

          1. “the worst designed OS on planet Earth”

            Hmmm. You reveal yourself, but don’t have the wits to realize it. A belligerent, pouty 14-year-old, by the sound of that sentence.

          2. Hmmm… The worst on planet Earth. You just proved my point. You are not using it either. If you have, you have tried using it on a very early model and are pissed because you can’t get it to work. Seems that you need to ask your cell block leader for a loan to buy a 5 or 5c. Surely, you can’t bend over enough for him to spring you a 5s.

            There are no Gila Monsters in Australia. Try using google to write your replies. It will help you gain a semblance of an educated repartee.

        2. Obviously he isn’t using it? Are you an idiot? Why would he say he doesn’t like iOS 7 if he hasn’t used it? I use it and hate it. It’s forced on us, it’s not a decision we can make. Talk about a condescending stupid prick? Yup, that’s you.

    2. The new Mac Pro.
      First 64-bit SOC AND OS for a mobile phone.
      I could keep going, but I think I’ve proven my point to anyone who actually knows what they’re talking about.

      Innovation is not just about new product categories. It’s about the under-the-hood improvements. Apple has been quietly (and not-so-quietly) innovating all along.

      1. But, doc… what about all the other companies innovating, like… uhhhh…. ummm. Well, Intel’s making their chips smaller. And Samsung’s making their phones bigger. And….

        It’s interesting that the Cook-haters never come up with an example of wonderful innovation going on elsewhere.

        1. EXACTLY!

          Apple innovates quietly and behind the scenes, while the rest of the world tries to pass off their little tweaks and half-baked features as innovation. And yet somehow Apple isn’t “innovative” … What a joke.

    3. Hate to say it but what do we have? Not much. Sure, this could be a big year for Apple but where are they? They’re now quiet like all year with one event. Jobs had it rocking with events spread out throughout the year.

      Apple TV? No sign of the unicorn, not for years now.

      iOS 7? I’m a developer and started with Beta 1 and have every pre-release since. Look how much Apple keeps changing the UI! Even in iOS 7.1. Check those god awful call accept and decline buttons when a call is coming in when you’re already on the phone. These are new to iOS 7.1. And much more. It’s bizarre but explainable: Apple doesn’t have a master product manager anymore. He’s gone. It died with Jobs.

      And CarPlay? Have you ever used those terrible, inprecise car touchscreens that are low resolution with washed out colors? This will further erode the iOS experience.

      Much more issues for Apple as well but I’ll stop.

      I want to be optimistic but man Apple’s all over the place. And quit with the bloody iWatch! I just don’t see it catching on as yet another in between device reliant on a smartphone or one that’s crippled by design on its own.

  2. Cook has made money, kept the franchise off the shoals, built out infrastructure, entered foreign markets on his own terms, locked up suppliers when it made sense, introduced new products and so on.

    Name me one tech CEO who could have done a better job. Or, couched in slightly different terms, name me one tech firm/any firm that wouldn’t snatch him up in a heartbeat if he were available?

    Steve Jobs learned from his mistakes. Cook is a keeper.

  3. I see no fire in Cook’s belly. He’s a process engineer obsessed with extracting the last drop of manufacturing efficiency. Innovation in the true sense of the word doesn’t interest him.

    Steve Jobs, on the other hand, put personal differences aside if your idea was compelling enough to push Apple in new directions. See the Eddie Cue pencil throwing on forehead story. Cook fires the most dynamic member of his iOS development team for being brash & having ideas to push the envelope forward.

    Forstall developed the iOS SDK, Maps, App Store, and the original revolutionary iPhone OS. Ive developed a flat lifeless ugly iOS 7 and….yeah, iBeacon.

    If software is the soul of hardware, Apple has lost its soul.

      1. You’re allowed to express opinions. Just don’t expect people to accept your opinion when it’s demonstrably wrong.

        The right to an opinion is NOT protection from ridicule or from having your opinion dissected, analyzed, and rejected by others.

          1. Yes, an OPINION can be wrong. For instance, the opinion that Tim Cook has done a poor job as CEO of Apple. There are facts that contradict this, but people are still able to express that opinion. There is also the opinion that Apple has not innovated under Cook, which is an opinion people hold but is demonstrably wrong.

            Just because you have an opinion does not mean that the opinion is correct or that the opinion-holder should be treated with respect for expressing their opinion. Which you have demonstrated with your response to me. So kudos for proving my point.

            And as long as we’re talking about condescending, I suggest you look in the mirror. It is my opinion that you are a prick. (My opinion is supported by observable evidence, i.e. your response to my initial post.) Although I’m not sure you can find sufficient evidence to prove my opinion wrong.

          2. Contrary to what is taught in school these days, all opinions are not equally valid. Some opinions are informed and based on facts. Others have no basis in fact and are merely wishful thinking, wild guesses, or are illogical. Opinions are not automatically entitled to respect. You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own reality. Not everything is relative. There are absolutes. Opinions that ignore the facts deserve no respect.

            1. Who is the arbiter of posts that are filled with substance and those that supposedly bear no substance? You? Who are you to judge.

              I suggest you allow the reader to make his own opinion as to the validity of the post and not try to interject your subjective reading of which post ought to be categorised as substantive or not, as the case may be.

              An intelligent reader will be able to form his own opinion without your dictatorial imposition which is by the way subjective in itself.

            2. Anyone can tell fact from fantasy, and logic from wishful thinking. Who am I to judge? I’m me, and I have every right to judge whether someone is spewing bullshit, AND to point it out if they are. Facts are facts. Conjecture is not necessarily fact. Facts are provable. Facts are not wild guesses. Deal with it.

            3. The one thing I don’t have to deal with in actual fact is the bullshit that you spew. As far as I am concerned you are a nobody, just someone on the Internet giving his opinion, which may or not be as valid as the next person’s.

              You can point out your own argumentative fallacies if you want, ie. the conjecture that only what you say is correct and that yours is the only acceptable viewpoint.

              The question I have to ask of you is this: Why don’t you apply to work as Putin’s PR agent. Then everything you say will be absolutely correct from your own viewpoint, whereas the rest of the world views what you have to say with a heavy dose of scepticism, which is as it should be.

              In short you are a nobody and nobody tells me how to think. Whether the post is factual or not, I can discriminate for myself. I do not need a Nazi mouthpiece like you telling me how to think.

              Now kindly crawl back into your imperialistic hole and shut the fuck up.

            4. Thanks SO much, Zod… for your deep insight and illumination of the matters under discussion.

              Your use of bullshit, spew, Putin, you’re a nobody, Nazi, mouthpiece, imperialistic, fuck and shut up — wow! Really says it all!

              Actually, sarcasm aside — he’s not telling you how to think. Zeke said very simply, “Facts are facts. Conjecture is not necessarily fact. Facts are provable. Facts are not wild guesses.” Can’t get more basic than that.

              Emotionally ranting, “It’s bad. It just is” or “I called you a nobody, so there, I win” doesn’t compare favorably with, “I think this, because of fact a and how that logically leads to conclusion b.”

            5. An opinion states a point of view. The validity of that opinion or lack thereof is a judgement call for the reader to make. However, a diametrically opposite opinion neither makes it less or more valid than an opinion formed by you.

              This has been said in the post which if you missed it and there’s no telling if your lack of intelligence will have picked it up is that no one’s opinion overrides the other and people don’t need to be told how to think.

              Now run off and play in traffic Sean.

            6. You know, everything I’ve said in this conversation is a provable fact. You have stated exactly nothing. Your heartburn seems to be that people with opinions which are unsupported, illogical, and based solely on emotion should receive the same respect as people with valid opinions, supported by facts. You’re basically an idiot. And BTW, learn to spell.

            7. Everything you have said in this conversation is an opinion that you have expressed. There are no facts as such. In fact your learn to spell accusation is just that, an empty statement, as vacuous as the rest of your fact free comment.

              Nothing you have said thus far is based on fact. By the way can you point out the spelling errors you speak of? More rubbish fact free conjecture dressed up as ‘fact’.

            8. The word is “skepticism”, not “scepticism”, so there’s your factual spelling error.

              And hey, anonymous coward hiding behind the name “Zeke’s”, why not use your real registered ID, GM? I’m crying all the way to the bank because you don’t love me. Boo Hoo!

        1. @docwallaby

          Congratulations on expressing an opinion doofus. Although I disagree with it, the response I give to it is you’re expressing the opinion of a doofus, which is no opinion at all.

  4. May 6, 1998 – iMac
    October 23, 2001 – iPod
    January 9, 2007 – iPhone
    January 27, 2010 – iPad

    Hopefully I have that correct, but iMac deserves a mention I think…

  5. Ok, to put things in perspective: (based on Wikipedia)
    Jan. 9, 2001 – iTunes for Mac (core source actually purchased from Casady & Greene in 2000 updated and renamed)
    Oct. 23, 2001 – iPod
    June 29, 2007 – iPhone
    Apr. 3, 2010 – iPad
    Aug. 24, 2011 – Tim Cook becomes CEO of Apple, Inc.

    So as of date:
    13 years since iTunes
    12 yrs 4.5 months since iPod
    6 yrs 7.5 months since iPhone
    3 yrs 11.5 months since iPad

  6. Some of you people remind me of the day Steve (the genius) Ballmer laughed at the iPhone and said “1t’s a $500 phone! Who on earth will buy this?” Hmmm – over 400,000,000 iPhones later, who’s ass is laughing now? The SAME people that worked for Steve Jobs are still at Apple. NOBODY in my lifetime will replace Jobs, but Cook is doing a damn good job. As a shareholder, I am very happy. How about all you bozos with Dell stock? And how is that Micro$oft stock doing the past 10 years? I suppose what Samsung is doing, outside of what they stole from Apple, is actually innovation?

    1. Congratulations on sidetracking the issue to Steve Ballmer. Always a good fallback for doofuses who can’t argue the point on the merits or demerits of Tim Cook’s performance. And bringing Samsung into the equation too to stir up the fanboy’s flames of hatred. Nice dodge there, doofus.

      It has always been said, and will always be said, that the competition Apple faces is internal – not responding to external threats, perceived or otherwise. By this measure they have failed to produce the goods.

      1. Name calling works rather than providing actual facts to back up your previous buff and bluster, too. Aye?

        James is spot on (IMHO) in his review of the various operating styles of the various wankers in the Tech industry.

        I guess CB you are not a shareholder. Then you really aren’t paying attention beyond being an a$$hat.

        1. Critical fail in English. Too much hoofing around naked in the Australian outback trying to catch Gila monsters I expect.

          Cupertino blues said that competition comes from within Apple so comparing Tim Cook to the likes of Steve Ballmer and Samsung is deviating from the issue at hand. Way to not understand the point.

          Go back to sleep you idiot.

          1. 1) Australians (Aussies) speak British English and ‘Strain – kind of a pidgin. Yanks – ‘Mericans speak American English. Arrogant Yanks are commonly referred to as Septic Tank Yanks. You may want to embrace that non de plume.
            2) There are no Gila monsters in Australia. However, there are plenty of snakes, spider and jelly fish that can kill you with a single bite and you’d not have time to kiss your okole goodbye.
            3) The If you wander around in the Outback naked, you be fried. It’s summer in Australia. Plus you may become live bate for some of the goodies referred to in #2 of this diatribe.
            4) No matter the issue name calling does not solve the problem, it only exacerbates the problem. If you are pronouncing me an idiot, thank you. Some of the greatest minds have been called idiots by those who are left unaware by the “idiots” intellect.
            5) The references to share holding is due to the fact that some of us here have held shares in Apple for a long time. I bought a few bits of the bob when it was at double digits in value. It’s done well for me.
            6) Tim Cook works circles around most of the people here and will continue to do so. He is making enough money for me to live comfortably for a long long time.
            7) Your castigation is indicative of your inability to actually look at the conversation.
            8) Your pseudonym is so clever. I am totally whelmed.
            9) I know you think you are right and clever and full of so much power. However, being right is not always being right. Think on that.

    1. Chiam/Snoring/Cupertino/Scotty need to go now. They are a sham and nothing new seems to be coming, just incessantly recycling of the same complaints and name-calling. They are boring.

      Seriously you boys — if you want to make a point, don’t just call Tim Cook and some posters names. Illustrate what you think with actual FACTS tied together by LOGIC.

      Several illustrations of other brilliant innovator companies and individuals would also be a good way to back up your opinions. Good luck with that.

      1. It cannot be helped if you are unable to read English plain and simple. And it doesn’t help that you’re a troll calling other posters a 14 year old which by the way is a form of name calling that you accuse others of doing.

        So my advice to you would be to seek psychiatric help why you’re an insufferable fool.

        1. I never insult anyone merely because they have a different opinion from me… even one drastically different from mine… even one I may have strong emotions about.

          On the other hand, if someone wants to engage in physical or verbal violence, they’ll get it back.
          If someone tries to punch me, I’ll punch him in the face.
          If somebody’s presence here is basically just negative insults and/or obscenity, I’ll throw that back too (as I did with the 14-year-old).

          1. Despite your weak attempts at justifying your trollish comments, the fact boils down to this: any comment not in line with your inner bias is automatically tagged as boring whereas your own boring comments which are recycled nonsense are not boring.

            I’ve got a prescription for a malady such as yours: the anti hypocrisy pill. And calling someone a 14 year old serves what purpose? His opinion was that iOS 7 was the worst OS on Earth. How is that a reflection of an opinion of a 14 year old, unless you have no rebuttal to make.

            I’ll just label you a hypocrite to make things short and simple.

            1. Let me reveal my master plan to you — illustrated with the example post you are defending.

              “Snoring” used his name and the first half of his short post to insult MizuInOz.

              My reaction is very simple and I hope for one of two outcomes.

              If people want to shit on others here, I will shit on them. Some may not like that, and stop the obscenity and insults. Great.

              Others may not. They may continue with the obscenity and insults. They may even escalate. Within the bounds of not spending TOO much time here, I will shit back. Eventually, I hope MDN will moderate… at a minimum by setting up software filters to eliminate any post containing any of a large number of obscene or insulting words.

              So please rant and insult me. It brings us closer to the day – I hope – that MDN gets tired of the fucking idiot fucking shit and puts a fucking stop to all these kinds of fucking posts, including mine.

  7. TC and PO deserve a lot of criticism for how they have treated the investors, but they sure have delivered on some beautiful products. TC and company also deserve praises for making deals with some of the world’s largest carriers which will grow EPS.

    Future product catagories? Does any person here actually believe Apple will not deliver an iWatch or vastly improved Apple TV this year? One remaining question is when exactly, next week or in five months. Remember late last summer when the board was rumbling about a lack of innovation? They sure have been quiet recently.

  8. I agree with MND’s time line of products. I also think Cook is being overly criticized by an erroneous standard. However, Apple did set a high standard with the iPod development. For a while, each new model was not incrementally better but a dramatic advancement. I think some unrealistically expect that kind of product development to be endlessly realized in all Apple products, all the time.

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